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How to treat Candida vaginitis

Candida vaginitis can be treated by rinse of external drugs and drugs.

1. Topical drugs: You can insert fungicin suppository into the depths of the vagina under the guidance of a doctor for antifungal treatment.You can also apply the cream of antifungal drugs to the mimazole -like antifungal drugs. For example, after cleaning, the antifungal cream is applied to the perineum, vaginal mouth and the depths of the vagina.2. Drug flushing: Patients can also use sodium bicarbonate solution to rinse the vagina under the guidance of a doctor, which can change or inhibit the living environment of vaginal fungi and inhibit the growth of fungi in the vagina.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the vulva in daily life, pay attention to changing the underwear, and avoid sexual life during the treatment, so as not to cause the disease to worsen.

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