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How to treat cervical polyps repeatedly during pregnancy

How to treat cervical polyps repeatedly during pregnancy requires continuous observation, conservative treatment, surgical resection and other methods according to the size of the polyps, and the amount of bleeding.

1. Continuous observation: If the amount of cervical polyps during pregnancy is small, bleeding is tan, dark red, the bleeding duration is not long, or the amount of bleeding is small, there is no other discomfort, no special treatment, but continuingJust observe.It is recommended that patients have a light diet during continuous observation to avoid greasy and spicy foods to avoid affecting the fetus.2. Conservative treatment: If patients with cervical polyps during pregnancy are in the third trimester and the amount of bleeding caused by cervical polyps should be received in time, infusion and fluid replenishment should be received under the guidance of the doctor.The input ingredient is blood or plasma. If it is needed, it is full blood.If there is infection, it is recommended that patients follow the doctor’s advice to use antibiotics such as cephalosporin, penicillin and other antibiotics for antibiotics for antibiotics.If the cervical polyps are large, it may affect natural delivery.Patients can choose cesarean section.At the end of delivery, after the patient recovered well, he could take it out for surgery.3. Surgical resection: If the bleeding time is long and continuous, continuous, the amount of bleeding is large, and the color is bright red. At this time, repeated and large bleeding may increase the risk of infection.Infection can easily lead to early breakthrough.If the abortion fails after the fetal membrane is broken, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth may increase.At this time, patients need to remove polyps through surgery.After the polyps are removed, bleeding may improve significantly.However, the removal of cervical polyps during pregnancy during pregnancy may have a certain impact on the health of the fetus.Unless doctors suggest or are urgent, surgery is generally not recommended during pregnancy.

Prevention of cervical polyps in pregnant women.It is recommended to have a light diet and do not eat spicy and irritating food.Such as pepper, ginger, garlic, onion or mustard.You can eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Most of these foods are mainly vegetables and fruits.For example, you can eat kiwi, apples, citrus or orange.You can eat more foods rich in vitamin A. Such foods can enhance the body’s immunity and protect the immune system from the infringement of free radicals.You can also eat more foods rich in carotene, such as spinach and pumpkin.

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