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How to treat cervicitis leucorrhea

Cervicitis leucorrhea can be treated in physical methods.

Cervicitis leucorrhea can be categorized by cervicitis and vagin inflammation through routine leucorrhea.Land yellow hair yellow is basically caused by ordinary vaginal inflammation, and some will be accompanied by chronic cervic inflammation, but rarely acute cervic inflammation.It also depends on whether it is bacterial vaginitis, or titherd infection, and some patients will mix with mold infection, etc., and the treatment measures will not be the same.There are a few patients with special pathogen infections. For example, some people will have chlamydia or gonococcus infection, including trichomonas infections.Cervical inflammation is a common inflammation of women’s reproductive tract, including cervical vaginal inflammation and cervical mucosal inflammation.The most common clinical cervicitis is cervical mucositis.If not treated in time, it will cause inflammation of the germ tract.In severe cases, cervical cancer may be induced.There may be pre -menstrual bleeding, menstrual bleeding, long menstrual passage and menstrual period.Because the viscous purulent leucorrhea is not conducive to sperm penetration, and inflammation changes the pH value in the vagina and is not conducive to sperm survival, it will cause infertility.When cervicitis is severe, infection can rise along the cervix, causing endometritis and fallopian tubeitis, and even spread, leading to pelvic connective tissueitis.Acute cervicitis mainly treats pathogens.Treatment should be timely and thorough to avoid becoming chronic diseases.Chronic cervicitis is dominated by local treatment, and different treatment methods are adopted according to pathological characteristics.Most Chinese medicine treatment adopts the method of combining syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, and the combination of overall treatment and local treatment.For chronic cervicitis, it is mainly internal and external treatment.When treating chronic cervicitis, cervical cytology should be performed regularly.According to the condition of cervicitis, or the spleen and dehumidification, or the warmth of the kidneys, it is mainly stop bands, both internal and external, and cure.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the genitals, strictly perform sterile operations during delivery, abortion and cervical physiotherapy to prevent postoperative infection.During the treatment, sexual life is prohibited, pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, and avoid unclean sexual life.Sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited during menstruation and postpartum to avoid damage to the cervix during childbirth.

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