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How to treat children in the early stages of colds?You must know these methods of response

When it comes to the problem of a child’s cold, I believe that every parent has a bunch of words to say that even many parents are at a loss when their children are a little bit cold, or they buy various medicines for their children. However, in fact, children need to get the doctor to use the medicine before they need to get the medicine, and the child needs to take care of the parents carefully to cope with the initial cold in order to help control the condition and improve it as soon as possible. Below, let’s learn the early response of children.

In the early days of a child’s cold, parents should do these three points of response

(1) Feed more children to drink water

If the child is just a runny nose, this is a slightly mild cold symptom. When a child has a cold, parents can pay more attention to daily life, especially diet. First of all, children should drink more water to ensure the amount of water drinking to promote urination and help cold recovery. In addition, parents can also make some freshly squeezed juice or vegetable juice for their children, which can also help their children to restore their health and actively help children supplement vitamins and improve immunity.

(2) Pay attention to keep warm

In the process of caught a cold and runny nose, we must pay attention to keeping the child’s warmth. Do not cause cold and cold due to the lack of clothes. At the same time, parents should supervise their children’s rest, especially at night to ensure that there is sufficient sleep time. In addition, paying attention to changes in children’s body temperature and avoiding fever is equally important.

(3) Keep indoor air circulation

In the early days of a cold, a good rehabilitation environment is needed. In fact, the fresh air infarction is conducive to the recovery of the child’s condition and physical health. Therefore, during the child’s cold discomfort, you must pay attention to ensuring indoor air circulation. In addition Essence

The above is the introduction of how to treat the early stage of a child’s cold. In fact, it is very normal for children to have a cold and fever. Generally speaking, when the child is relatively light, it does not need to be treated. “Small enemies” are not right.

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