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How to treat children’s asthma bronchitis

Children’s asthma bronchitis can be treated by general treatment, symptomatic treatment and other methods.1. General treatment: Pay attention to rest during the onset period, maintain adequate sleep, appropriately appear the child’s emotions, prevent long -term crying and increase hypoxia symptoms, and supplement liquid and nutrition to the children.Help the discharge of the respiratory discharge.2. Symptoms: If a child has a fever, you can take different treatment methods according to the fever temperature.When the body temperature is not high, physical cooling can be used.If the body temperature rises to more than thirty -nine degrees, you need to use the relevant drugs to fever with the doctor’s advice.If there is a bacterial infection, antibiotics are required to be treated with antibiotics in accordance with the doctor’s advice.The above treatment needs to be performed under the guidance of a doctor.It is recommended to pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, keep warm, and avoid cold.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid eating spicy food.

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