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How to treat chronic cervicitis accompaniment is good for treatment

Chronic cervicitis accompaniment can be treated by drug treatment, physical therapy, surgical treatment and other methods, and the treatment effect is better.

1. Drug therapy: Patients with chronic cervicitis can be treated with tetracycline, cephalosporin and macrolacodine drugs according to the doctor’s instructions.2. Physical therapy: Patients can promote the recovery of chronic cervicitis through laser treatment, frozen therapy and microwave therapy.3. Surgical treatment: If chronic cervicitis is combined with polyps, cervical polyps are performed 3 to 7 days after menstruation.

It is recommended that patients usually pay attention to cleaning the vulva with warm water before going to bed every night, and cleaning the outside of the large labia and labiack to avoid cleaning the vagina.Pay attention to avoid sexual life during treatment, reduce the intake of spicy and irritating food, and review it in time after treatment.

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