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How to treat impotence in chronic prostatitis and impotence?

The impotence caused by chronic prostatitis must first treat the primary disease, that is, the treatment of chronic prostatitis.After the chronic prostatitis of some patients is actively treated, the symptoms of impotence can be improved.

Chronic prostatitis is divided into bacterial and non -bacterial.At the same time, combined with physical therapy and other methods for treatment.After the original onset is treated, if the symptoms of impotence still cannot be significantly improved, it can take Chinese medicines such as Yiyang Capsules.The sparse liver Yiyang capsules are composed of tamama, Bupleuria, bee, dragon, lequee, nine fragrant worms, purple tapers, snake beds, Yuanzhi, Cistanche, Schisozi, Wasolochi, pupae, stone pupa.Fangzhong Tortee, Bupleurum, and Bee Fang relieved the liver; Morinda, Cistanche, Snake Beds, Schisandra, Schisis, Purple Tips, Purple Top Flowers to warm the kidney yang; Dilong, Pyrano, Jiuxiaxiaxuzi Huoxue and Bloody Story;Dingzhi.The combination of the medicines is combined to relieve liver and relieve depression, promoting blood circulation and nourishing the kidneys.The adverse reactions of this product are not clear.For those who are allergic to this product, they are cautious with allergies.Children and elderly people take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.Disable during a cold.During the medication, alcohol, quit smoking, and maintain their emotions.Patients can usually take appropriate physical therapy, such as anal lifting exercises, often performing squat exercises, etc. This will also help improve symptoms.

The above drugs should be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

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