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How to treat impotence of people with high blood pressure diabetes?

Impotence may be related to psychological factors, or it may also be caused by basic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.Psychological adjustment should be performed when there are psychological disorders.When there are hypertension and diabetes, drugs with lower -voltage hypoglycemic should be treated for treatment.

1. For impotence caused by psychological factors, men should adjust their psychological state, eliminate anxiety psychology, enhance self -confidence, and have more emotional communication between husband and wife, and erectile function may gradually improve.2. When men have hypertension and diabetes, it will affect the blood supply of the penis sponge body, which can cause impotence. After diagnosis, it should be treated with lower -voltage hypoglycemic drugs, such as the flat -release tablets of nonopenzineWait, control blood pressure and blood glucose in the range of stability.At the same time, take the liver Yiyang capsule to regulate impotence.Dry liver Yiyang capsules have the effects of relieving liver relief, promoting blood circulation and nourishing and nourishing the kidneys. It is used to treat functional impotence and mild arteries caused by liver stagnation and kidney deficiency and liver stagnation and kidney deficiency and blood stasis.Limited or not strong, chest tightness and goodness, waist and knee soreness, etc.Dry liver Yiyang capsules are composed of drugs such as tamama, Bupleuria, Bee, Pyrano, Jiuxiagu, Purple Tips, Snake Beds, Cistanche, Schisi, Schisandra, and Cricket.Discover liver Yiyang capsules are used for functional impotence and mild artery blood supply insufficient impotence caused by liver stagnation and kidney deficiency and liver stagnation kidney deficiency and blood stasis syndrome.The adverse reactions of Shuyang Yiyang capsules are not clear.

During the treatment, we must obey the doctor’s guidance to avoid adverse effects.The above drugs should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

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