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How to treat liver cirrhosis?What are the medicines for liver cirrhosis?

China has become the country with the largest number of patients with cirrhosis. If everyone suffers from the disease of liver cirrhosis and has not been treated in a timely and effective treatment, the condition will soon become very serious. Finally, it will cause very serious damage to physical health, which is still very painful. So how to treat liver sclerosis? Intersection Here is a detailed introduction to the treatment of liver cirrhosis.

How to treat liver cirrhosis? Therapeutic drugs for liver cirrhosis:

1. The first drug to treat liver sclerosis is a drug that protects liver cells and promotes liver cell regeneration. The drugs commonly used in clinical clinic are vitamin drugs. After entering the human body Liver cells also have a protective effect. Vitamin C and vitamin E drugs can block some harmful factors that cause damage to liver cells. Obviously, it can achieve the effect of protecting the liver.

2. The second drug that treats liver cirrhosis is the drug that can accelerate liver detoxification. If these drugs need to be used, the patient’s liver function damage is very serious under normal circumstances. One of the most typical symptoms of liver function damage is transaminase Raising, the face becomes yellow. At this time, the reduced yellowing drugs come in handy. After taking these drugs, the transaminase value will be reduced, and the yellow face will fade away.

3. There are also drugs used for liver cirrhosis factors, such as liver cirrhosis caused by viruses, then antiviral drugs are used. If it is alcoholic liver injury, hepatitis is hardening, then drugs for treating alcoholic liver. Find your own cause, and then choose the medicine for the cause.

4. The last one is anti -fibrosis drugs. The main purpose is to prevent liver fibrosis, so that the speed of liver failure will slow down. Some parts of the liver have hardened, and some are still in the fibrosis stage. If everyone treats the liver in time in time, it can still be used for a long time.

How to treat liver cirrhosis? From the above introduction, the current treatment of liver cirrhosis mainly depends on some drugs. Some of the specific drugs that have been used have already told you very clearly. I hope that patients with cirrhosis can actively cooperate with doctors to take medicine. Earlier, the condition can still be improved.

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