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How to treat ovarian cancer to the intestine how to treat it

Ovarian cancer is usually treated with drugs, chemotherapy and other methods.Women who have metastasis of ovarian cancer are basically advanced ovarian cancer. At this time, only chemotherapy and symptomatic support treatment of whole body can be considered, and there is no way to surgery.This is because after the metastasis of ovarian cancer, if the scope of surgery is large, the physical damage to women is also great, and the surgery cannot be completely cured by cancer, but it may also affect women’s life.Therefore, in this case, you can consider the input of chemotherapy drugs for symptomatic chemotherapy, and for patients with ovarian cancer who are already obviously painful, you need to consider oral morphine cache tablets or muscle injection of Du Lengding for symptomatic analgesic treatment.

Early symptoms of ovarian cancer are not obvious. Once the ascites are combined or metastasized, symptoms such as lower abdomen discomfort, bloating, and loss of appetite.The abdomen of some patients with epithelial ovarian cancer will increase rapidly in a short period of time, accompanied by fatigue, weight loss or increased urination and defecation due to tumor compression.Patients with pleural effusion may breathe shortly and cannot lie flat.There are usually symptoms of abdominal mass and abdominal distension. Bleeding or necrotic infections in tumors can cause fever.When the tumor is distorted and ruptured, acute abdomen occurs, such as severe abdominal pain.For example, 60 percent of patients with ovarian immature teratoma have ascites, leading to physical consumption and weight loss.The yolk tumor grows rapidly, and its volume is easy to break in the envelope.Usually acute attacks, symptoms are generally 2 to 4 weeks.

Patients with ovarian cancer to be completely relieved after the intestinal treatment should be reviewed every 3 months after treatment, every 3 months to 5 months to 6 months from the 3rd to 5 years.EssenceReview items include gynecological examination, tumor logo inspection, ultrasound examination, etc., and select imaging examinations such as CT and chest X -ray according to the situation.

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