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How to treat pediatric diseases in Chinese medicine?

External treatment of common diseases in pediatrics may include hot iron therapy, water bath therapy, and drug atomizing therapy.

1. Hot ironing therapy: Take the Atractylodes and Ephedra and Eggs for 30 minutes. After soaking the drug in the eggs, while the eggs are hot, iron the bilateral Feishu acupoint and the Yongquan acupoints on both sides.After cooling, boil again, repeat 3 to 5 times.It should be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor and can be used to treat external cough.2. Water bath therapy: Cool the pre -crusted Shengmei Tang to the appropriate temperature, and then take a bath for the children.After washing, the quilt was dried to keep it warm, so that the children were sweating slightly, avoiding cold and cold.3. Drug atomization therapy: Make jade plate grass, Yuanzhi and yellow -brown seeds into facial drugs together, and inhale several times through ultrasonic atomization.For patients with colds and sputum, they should be used under the guidance of a doctor.Don’t use it yourself.

It is recommended that parents should not be too nervous, scold and scold their children to avoid stimulating their children’s emotions, otherwise they will aggravate the symptoms.In terms of diet, pay attention to avoid spicy irritating high -salt and high oil foods, and pay attention to rest.

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