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How to treat pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated by drug treatment, improvement of sexual life, and strengthening exercise.

1. Drug treatment: When pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, patients need to treat antibacterial anti -inflammatory treatment on the pelvic cavity to quickly disappear the inflammation of the patient.In addition to taking some antibacterial and anti -inflammatory drugs, patients can also take some other drugs to assist according to the guidance of the doctor, so that the effect of combined medication will be more obvious.2. Improve sexual life: After the patient has pelvic inflammatory disease, patients need to pay more attention to the frequency and hygiene of sexual life, because many pelvic inflammatory disease are caused by disagreement of sexual life.Therefore, both husbands and wives can relieve the condition by improving sex, and in addition, they need to take care of themselves through their diet.Paying more attention to personal hygiene in daily life is also important.3. Strengthen exercise: In addition to the above two methods, patients can also treat their own diseases by exercise.When exercising, patients should pay special attention to the abdomen exercise, such as sitting upside down, which can play a good role in patients.Usually, patients should pay attention not to sit for a long time.After a while, you can get up appropriately.Patients should pay attention not to stay in bed all the time.

During the illness, patients should pay attention to personal hygiene, ensure the clean and dry parts, and clean the vulva before going to bed every night.Water can be used at room temperature, but hot water cannot be used to avoid vulva skin damage.Because of pelvic inflammatory disease, there will be more leucorrhea.Therefore, it is necessary to change the underwear frequently. When choosing underwear, cotton should be cotton.Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should rest more during the treatment and do not overwork, which is very unfavorable to the recovery of the disease.Patients need to stay on the bed to help local inflammation and discharge secretions.Life should be combined with work and rest, controlling intercourse, and avoiding worsening symptoms.The best way to get pelvic inflammatory disease is to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find a professional doctor. Patients should choose regular hospitals and professional doctors for careful treatment.

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