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How to treat sciatic nerve pain in the treatment method diagram


Under normal circumstances, patients with sciatica can be treated through general treatment, drug treatment, physical therapy, surgical treatment, etc.

Sciatic nerve pain usually refers to a common symptom of radiation pain in the region of the sciatic nerve as the main manifestation.


How to treat sciatic nerve pain in the treatment method diagram

Sciaticaria is usually due to pain symptoms caused by local nerve root pressure and inflammatory stimulation.

Clinical manifestation

Patients usually show radioactive pain in the hip, back of the thigh, calf and other parts, and may also be accompanied by symptoms such as abnormal skin sensation and limited activity.

treatment method

During the occurrence of the disease, patients pay attention to resting in bed to avoid over -pressureing the waist and aggravate the condition. In addition, patients can use non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs under the guidance of a doctor, such as acetaminol, ibuprofen, etc. You can also follow the doctor’s advice and use nutritional nerve drugs such as methamphetamine and vitamin B12 for treatment. At the same time, patients can also use acupuncture and infrared therapy for physical treatment to relieve discomfort. When necessary, patients can perform surgery through lumbar vertebral decompression fusion.


In daily life, patients need to pay attention to strengthening waist warmth, while avoiding sedentary or bending frequently to avoid aggravating the waist load.

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