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How to treat sexual pine disintegration

Excuscia keratosis is still difficult to treat.The occurrence of this disease is related to polycogeneous disease. The weather turns cold, sweat decreases, and sweat disease can heal itself; if it feels extremely unwell, you can apply low concentration keratin -dehuminant, mild lubricant, vitamin A pouring to improve the condition to improve the condition.Essence

Excluding keratosis is a common skin disease, which is related to polycodia.At the time of occurring, the palms and fingers will appear peeling symptoms, but it is not painful.This disease can heal itself after the weather turns cold and sweats less, so there is generally no need to treat without conscious symptoms.If you feel extreme discomfort, you can apply drugs to make the condition improve as soon as possible.This disease is mainly accumulated in the palm area. From the beginning of the skin, you can see white spots size of the needle tip. This is caused by the relaxation of the stratum corneum and the lower part of the epidermis.Without obvious inflammation changes, tissue -like scales are gradually visible during expansion.The skin lesions continue to spread, new scales appear, and finally the whole peeling can be integrated.

When leisurely dissection of horny pine, you can apply a low concentration of dehuminating agent or a mild lubricant on the affected area, which can generally receive good results; Tuwei A pouring can also play a good role. It is recommended to choose the appropriate drug according to the doctor’s order according to the doctor’s ordertreat.

Examination may recur, because patients should pay attention, maintain optimistic emotions, and avoid mental tension and emotional excitement; try to minimize the irritating substances such as soap and laundry powder.It is recommended to use mild detergent to reduce stimuli to the affected area and prevent the occurrence of falling off; use Vaselin, vitamin E ointment and other moisturizers every day to pay attention to moisturizing skin care; at the beginning of the onset, it should be treated in timePain and bleeding; patients can increase the intake of foods rich in zinc and vitamin E, which can help protect the skin, such as eating more eggs, carrots and other foods, and take drugs if necessary; if the patient has a large area of skin injury, pay attention to pay attentionDo not tear the skin to avoid rupture and bleeding.

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