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How to treat the nasal nail hypertrophy on both sides

In life, if the patient is hypertrophic, the main symptoms are nasal congestion and runny nose, and patients sometimes become more serious at night.First of all, the treatment is conservatively treated with drugs. The clinical commonly used is nitrogen hydrochloride Incantin nasal spray and quannid nasal spray.Treatment, it is recommended to go to the hospital for review after one month of normal medication to clarify the specific recovery of the nasal cavity.Nitrogen hydrochloride nasal spray is mainly used for allergic rhinitis. The main active ingredient is Nitrogen Hydrochloride Incosine. It is a long -acting anti -allergic drug. It belongs to a new type of chemical structure.When a high concentration of nitrogen nasal spray, it can also prevent the synthesis and release of chemical media in allergic reactions.The main role of Qu Andanide’s nasal spray is to improve nasal ventilation, reduce nasal mucosal edema, and improve the sense of smell.Clinical application is wide and can be used to treat chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, and acute sinusitis.There are individual differences in the specific treatment effect. Regularly re -examination during the treatment of medication to observe the recovery of the condition.Most patients will gradually improve their condition after timely drug treatment, and symptoms will improve.However, there are also a small number of patients with poor effect after medication treatment or worse. This situation needs to be reviewed again. According to the patient’s condition changes, the plan to adjust the drug treatment must be considered.And some patients may have drug side effects or allergic reactions, they need to stop taking medicine as soon as possible.

If the treatment effect is good, it is recommended to consolidate the treatment for half a month.If the effect of drug treatment is average, it is recommended that patients can consider treatment through surgery.The surgery requires general anesthesia. Under the nasal endoscopy to complete the bilateral nasalist ablation surgery, patients also need to go to the hospital for regular review.

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