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How to treat the new crown positive now

How to treat the new crown -positive now?The new crown is positive, which means that it is diagnosed as a new crown. The new crown is the abbreviation of the new coronary virus pneumonia. This is a virus that is currently being popular.In the influence, many people have experienced new crown -positive conditions. So, how to treat the new crown -positive now?Let’s take a look at the introduction below.

How to treat the new crown positive now

1. General treatment: New type of coronary virus pneumonia generally does not have obvious symptoms early, some patients will have fever and dry cough, and they will also be accompanied by fatigue symptoms. A few patients will have nasal congestion, runny nose, and similar symptoms of cold. At this time, it is recommended that patients have more patients.Drink hot water and take physical methods to cool down. If you wipe under the armpit, forehead and other parts with warm towels, you should also eat more foods such as eggs, beef, tomatoes, etc.Over the purpose;

2. Drug treatment: If the symptoms are more obvious, patients often experience symptoms of fatigue and dyspnea. Usually, antiviral therapy needs to be performed under the guidance of a doctor, such as Anbawei’s single anti -injection, Romi Siwei’s anti -injection.It can also be treated with immunoglobulin;

3. Other treatments: patients with heavy or critical type of coronary virus pneumonia need to be treated through the respiratory tract support, using masks to absorb oxygen, strengthening airway wetization, and perception of outer oxygen to ensure normal respiration of patients.When the failure phenomenon, the kidney is required to replace the treatment.Patients should rest in bed during the treatment, strengthen support treatment, ensure sufficient energy intake, pay attention to drink plenty of water, pay attention to self -psychological adjustment, persist in exercise, pay attention to isolation, and also strictly follow the medicine and review.This can effectively promote the recovery of the condition.

How to treat the new crown -positive now?The above is a detailed introduction to this problem. New coronary virus pneumonia can be treated with general treatment and drugs. Other treatments can also be taken. The severity of the new coronary virus pneumonia is required for targeted treatment.Prevention is greater than treatment, it is recommended to do protection in daily life.

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