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How to treat uterine fibroid bleeding and what medicine is taken?

Uterine fibon bleeding can generally be treated by taking hemostatic drugs, diagnostic curetts, and abdominal surgery resection, etc., and can take drugs such as antibody acid.

1. Taking hemostatic drugs: Most patients with uterine fibroids have vaginal bleeding related to menstruation. If there are a small amount of bleeding, you can take hemostatic drugs such as hemostatic acid for hemostasis.2. Diagnostic curettage: Because uterine fibroid hemorrhage is a hormone -dependent tumor, that is, the level of estrogen levels of patients with uterine fibroids hemorrhage is high.Under the action of long -term estrogen, endometrial problems will occur. You can choose to sculpt the palace to relieve the symptoms of bleeding from patients with hemorrhage in uterine fibroids.3. Hysteroscopy or open surgical resection: If subcarcated fibonal bleeding protrudes the vagina, the patient has obvious symptoms of bleeding.Undersproof uterine fibroid resection or uterine titan fibroid division can be performed through the vagina to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to rest, maintain adequate sleep, and avoid overwork.

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