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How to use cotton strips?

With the development of modern society, many daily use of items have greatly improved than in the past, and it has become more humane and simpler than in the past. Female sanitary products have also changed a lot, not only With a sanitary napkin and a cotton cotton strip, many women do not know how this kind of thing should be used when facing cotton strips. So today I will show you how to use cotton cotton strips?

In fact, sanitary napkins are a sanitary napkin in form of suppository. This kind of cotton strip is more suitable for women of some special occupations or women who want to participate in some special occasions, because ordinary sanitary napkins are used in general sanitary napkins. Cushioning on the underwear, it will be very inconvenient to move after padding, but there will be no such embarrassment to use cotton strips, because the cotton strips are built -in, and when used Don’t worry about your own movements.

When using a cotton strip, you must first clean your vulva and your own hands to prevent bacteria in the process of using bacteria with cotton strips into the vagina. Plug in the vagina, but be sure not to stuff the lines in, so there is no way to take it out. The noodles that are stuffed into the vagina can absorb menstrual blood in the body, but the cotton strips have a certain load capacity, so the amount is large, so the amount is large, so the amount is large. You need to change it once in about an hour. When the amount is small, the use time should not be more than two hours. When the time is over, pull the cotton strip with the end of the line rope with your hand.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows how to use cotton strips? However, we need to remind everyone that there are a few points to use cotton bars to pay attention to. First of all, adult women who have sexual life can use cotton strips, otherwise women who have not experienced sexual life are very useful. It is easy to hurt the hymen. In addition, the personal hygiene situation must be done well when used, otherwise the use of cotton strips is more likely to occur than using external sanitary napkins.

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