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How to use cough and asthma with lily conditioning?

If the family suffers from bronchitis, or is in the recovery period of pneumonia. Although it is no longer a fever on her body, she still has a cough and a little sputum.In addition, many obstructive lung disease and respiratory fibrosis are now accompanied by cough, asthma, chest tightness, chest pain, and severe qi. At night, cough, sweating, low fever, dry body and other symptoms can be used.Essence

Lily Pear Tremella Soup

★ Formula

Lily, pear, Tremella.

★ practice

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1. Wash the pears, you can remove it, and you don’t have to remove the pear nucleus. Cut into small pieces.

2. Soak the Tremella and Lily in advance, and take off the middle stalk in the middle.

3. Put the ingredients to cook, and the cooking time can be longer.This soup is soft and sweet, very delicious.

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