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How to use insulin pumps with climate change

When the climate changes, the insulin needs of the diabetic team. When insulin pump therapists experience a climate change, the body’s metabolism changes, the amount of physical activity increases, and the dose of insulin pump often needs to be adjusted. So how to use insulin pumps when climate change?


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1. The hot and cold state will make people consume too much glucose, and excessive energy consumption is used for a lot of sweating or heat production to maintain body temperature. In addition, it is more important to reduce the basic rate or additional amount and monitor blood sugar to determine whether you need to adjust the insulin dose.

2. The hot summer sweats a lot, the skin is humid, and the paste of the fixed catheter needle is easy to relax and fall off, and then the needle will leave the skin. Enter the human body.

3. The cold weather is not threatened to pump therapists, because the pump can be worn closely, and it can still be kept in the body temperature with cotton coats. However, when you feel very cold and the outdoor temperature reaches a dozen degrees, you must avoid letting the pump be on the pump in In such a cold air, the insulin is not invalidated, but the function of the pump itself will not be affected.

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