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How to use long -acting insulin?Pay attention

When it comes to insulin, many people believe that many people will not be unfamiliar. In fact, injection of insulin is a common method for treating diabetes in the clinic. Through insulin injection, “soaring” can be controlled to a great extent, which is of great significance to the health of patients.

There are many types of insulin, of which long -acting insulin is also a common type. When is the long -effect insulin play? What should I pay attention to for long -acting insulin injection? Let’s take a closer look!

When do long -acting insulin play?

Long -acting insulin is mainly used in patients with light and medium diabetes. Generally speaking, long -acting insulin starting time is about 5 hours, and it can last for up to 20 hours. For patients with long -acting insulin, it is recommended to perform insulin injection on an empty stomach every morning, and then eat breakfast again, so as to control blood sugar value well.

It should be noted that for short -acting insulin with rapid results, in order to prevent hypoglycemia from accidents, the medicine must be taken immediately in a few minutes.

What should I pay attention to that long -effect insulin injection?

(1) Pay attention to the injection site

Insulin injection is not suitable for any part. Generally speaking, it is recommended to inject on the top of the upper side of the upper arm, anterior and exterior thigh, 1/4 of the abdomen, and outside of the abdomen. Yes, absorbs, so you must choose the location when injection long -effect insulin.

(2) Patfage angle

There is no doubt that insulin needs to ensure subcutaneous injection. When injection, you need to avoid entering the muscle layer, and it is even more important to prohibit intravenous injection. These are very important information. Especially for elderly people with poor vision, it is recommended to be injected by the family on behalf of the family. Do not cause errors due to nervousness and eventually cause risk damage.

(3) Pay attention to the injection time

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Each type of insulin type injection is not the same. Patients need to determine the time of injection of insulin based on the speed of effectiveness, the length of the effect, and the length of the effect. Do not affect the effect because the time is not grasped.

Long -acting insulin generally requires an empty stomach in the morning, and it is necessary to do other conventional insulin use precautions. Only in this way can the effect of insulin be played to the best. Do n’t do n’t care if you do n’t care about it. In the end, it will cause the risk to regret it.

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