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How to use pimple urticaria?

The ultraviolet rays in the summer sun gradually increased, and the number of people’s skin was exposed, and the frequent activities such as bacteria, fungi, mosquitoes, mites, etc., which greatly increased the chance of skin diseases. In fact, improper “skin care” behaviors such as excessive scratching and alkaline soap can stimulate the skin. Among them, pimples are more common.

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How to use pimple urticaria?

After the bite of the insects, I simply painted some flower dew, but the affected area gradually enlarged. This is commonly referred to as “insect bite dermatitis”, which is called “pimple urticaria” in medicine. This disease is mainly related to insect bites, such as mosquitoes, mites, hidden wings, bugs, flea, lice, caterpillar, etc. The common mosquitoes, mites, etc. are common in the family. “Pimplegly urticaria” often occurs on the exposed parts, such as face, neck, limbs, etc., usually manifested as red edema pimples, with blisters and large blisters on the surface. The itchy feeling, the symptoms of pus and fever may occur in the area where severe injuries.

39 Health Network Editor reminded that pimple urticaria should be paid to the identification with chickenpox. The latter occurs on the trunk, the limbs are near and the head and face, and the oral mucosa is often involved. Essence Consciously does not itch or itching, but patients often have systemic symptoms such as low fever.

Generally treating antihistamine drugs, outer furnace glyphosate washing agent or corticosteroid cream; also Chinese medicine such as wormwood leaves, cork, cinema, snake bed, ground skin, windproof and other traditional Chinese medicines can be used. When a secondary infection, you can take 0.5%of the newcomin ointment, and take anti -infective drugs if necessary.

39 Health Network Editor reminds that far away from the trouble of pimple urticaria, you need to pay attention to hygiene and reasonable diet. Usually pay attention to the environment, living room and personal hygiene, to prevent the breeding of insects that cause the disease, and try to wear trousers as much as possible when you go to the grassland of the park to avoid mosquito bites. At the same time, avoid food that can cause allergies.

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