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How to wash the five sensitive parts of a woman?

Many women take a bath once a day, but do you know that the five major sensitivity of women cannot be washed casually. The correct bath can not only remove sweat and oil, eliminate fatigue, relieve muscles and promote blood, improve sleep, improve skin metabolic function and disease resistance, but also make people tender!

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The neck and ears are the parts where dirt is easy to accumulate. People who love cleaning often rubbing hard, but pay attention to the neck’s easily growing silk warts. Once rubbed, it will cause infection. Use your fingers to rub your fingertips back and forth slightly.


Many people think that skin aging starts from the face, and the fact is that the neck is the part that is most likely to leak aging. Bathing is a very important part of neck maintenance.

Due to the low water temperature, the human body will feel cold due to the low water temperature, and a series of stress reactions will be generated. For example, the heartbeat is accelerated, the blood pressure increases, muscle contraction, nervous nervousness, etc., not only cannot eliminate fatigue, but also causes colds. It should be avoided as much as possible.

Due to its special physiological reasons, especially during menstruation, breastfeeding, female friends during pregnancy, encountering cold water stimulation can cause female endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and many bacteria can also enter vaginal diseases such as vaginitis and other gynecological diseases such as gynecological diseases It has a certain impact on women’s future pregnancy and physiological health.

The premise of fully absorbing water and nutrition of the neck is to do a good job of cleaning. Do not allow old keratin and other dirt to stay on the neck. In addition to selecting a gentle cleansing milk every day, deep cleansing once or twice a week, use exfoliating milk with mild matte effects to gently massage the neck skin, and then wash it with water -containing toner. Essence


The sweat glands under the armpit are rich. Do not use hot water to stimulate it, or use a bath towel to rub it vigorously. You can rinse with warm water. Because the underarm skin tissue is relatively loose, you can rub the shower solution out of the rich foam and clean it, and then press the fingertips to promote blood circulation.


For those female friends with poor physical fitness, they must not take a bath with cold water, otherwise they have poor resistance. Due to cold stimulation, they will cause colds and fever. However, you can always insist on washing your face with cold water to promote blood circulation, prevent cold and rhinitis, and make the skin more shiny and elastic.


Women should often use warm water to clean their breasts, but pay attention to protecting the breasts. Do not pull the breasts and nipples hard, do not rub it hard. You should lightly hold your breasts with one hand, and rub it out in the direction of the other finger. Pregnant women can apply olive oil after bathing, which can make the breast skin moist and tough.

Chest maintenance

There is a problem that is easily overlooked on the chest, that is, the color of the areola is darker. Usually using some products containing cumin, papaya enzymes, and mulberry components can decompose aging keratin, which is helpful for the areola shallow.

At the same time, apply some glycerin and olive oil properly, which can also moisturize the breast skin. At present, some products have launched specialized areola freshes. Because they are delicate parts, the safety of ingredients when choosing is the most notable.

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