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Hubei cuisine with light makeup

There are many people in Hubei in Guangzhou, but there are not many Hubei restaurants in Guangzhou. The phrase “only drink Changsha water, and eat Wuchang fish” may be the most deep mark on Hubei cuisine in your heart.Compared with Cantonese cuisine, the taste of Hubei cuisine is slightly focused. Compared with its neighbor Hunan cuisine, it is not as spicy as the latter, and there is no hemp of Sichuan cuisine.A little salty, a little spicy … Everything is just right, it is actually a good choice for Guangzhou people who can’t eat spicy.

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In the early autumn of the hot summer, some ingredients were at that time.Yellow Crane Tower, Honghu Shui, Oil (Oil Food) Caimai, Fine Artly Jianghan Plain … When it comes to Hubei, the above picture emerges as soon as possible.While tasteing such a beautiful scenery, what kind of enjoyment is it.

As early as the pre -Qin period, Jingchu’s style of food was in the Yangtze River Basin. Under the influence of Chu Cultural, with the geographical advantages of “Qianhu Province” and “Nine Provinces”, it formed a water product -based, fish -based, and thick taste.Features.Steamed Wuchang fish, Liyang three steamed, braised catfish, lotus root stewed pork ribs, etc. are all representative dishes.Hubei cuisine is centered on the Jianghan Plain, and it is developed by local dishes such as Jingnan, Xiangyang, Ezhou and Hanzhang. Wu Han cuisine is represented by it.

Jingnan flavor is good at cooking and stewed odors and small water products. Chicken, duck, fish, eggs, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, fruits, fruits, beans are cooked. They are thin and pure, and the taste is pure.Red steak, thorough flavor, less soup, soft and fragrant; Ezhou flavor to see grain beans, beans, fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to burning and fried stew.

The flavors of Hanyu are known for cooking large water products and soup, and they are good at preparing poultry and seafood.Hubei cuisine pays attention to the combination of color and fragrance. The color of each dish is carefully matched. Some dishes look very spicy. In fact, it is not spicy. Red peppers and green peppers are used for coloring.The spicy shrimp ball Hubei cuisine has three characteristics of the ingredients, and the production is fine: the main ingredients are mainly fish, meat, and current vegetables, and rice is used as auxiliary ingredients to form meat in fish.

There are fish in the meat, combined with meat and vegetables.Such as the representative dishes of Hubei flavors such as Liyang San San, Jingsha Fish Cake, Jiangling Thousands of Meat, and Huangpi Sanhe. The selection of ingredients is nothing more than fish and meat.Evergreen and fragrant overflow.

Aquatic products are based on fish and vegetables: Hubei has been known as the province of Qianhu and the hometown of fish and rice since ancient times. It is rich in various freshwater fish and aquatic products. Many of them are unique to Hubei.Like catfish that grows in the Yangtze River, the clear fish that grows in the Yangtze River tribute to the Qingjiang River has more meat spines and tender meat.Braised, steamed, powder steaming, and food are all suitable. Wuchang fish with a long history is even more famous at home and abroad.

Coincidentally, doing all kinds of “Yuanzi”: Perhaps it is located in the Central Plains, in the middle of east, west, and north. Looking around, the local people of Hubei like to eat “Yuanzi”.Both the people or professional chefs have mastered many methods of making “rounds”.Meat circles, fish circles, shrimp circles … The “Yuanzi” dishes are as many as dozens of centers, which can be described as round and one -flavored.Representative dishes hot and sour bands: At first smelling this dish, the reporter was surprised.

It was learned that the band is actually the buds growing on the ravioli. It is produced in Honghu and has a shape like a pocket-shaped coriander. It is usually only June to August. Now it is the most suitable time to taste the cricket belt.It can be stir -fried and braised. This hot and sour lattice can adjust the taste of people. It is best to use wine and rice.Spicy Shrimp Ball: Summer dishes, you can eat it since May. It is the best in July and August. At this time, the shrimp meat is extremely full, the entrance is elastic, and a lot of spicy flavor can be unknowingly.Eat a plate.

Steamed Wuchang Fish: The catfish (that is, the head of the head) of Liangzi Lake in Echeng County, which is steamed with a variety of seasoning materials. The fish is fat and delicate, and the soup is fresh and fragrant.Chairman Mao has many times in Wuhan, and wrote the famous poems of “drinking Changsha water and eating Wuchang fish”, which made “steaming Wuchang fish” famous in China and abroad, becoming the main famous dish in Wuhan.

In the Hubei restaurant in Guangzhou, one of the signature dishes is this “steaming Wuchang fish”.Steamed Wuchang fish ribs lotus root soup: The reporter’s favorite dish is taken from the side of Hong Lake. It is very glutinous and powder. The firing rib soup has the fragrance and sweetness of the lotus, and the entrance is not greasy.Pearl balls: selected materials such as pork fat and lean meat, fish velvet, and diced diced, plus refined salt, pepper, green onion, ginger, wine, and stuffing, squeeze into small balls, roll the dried glutinous rice with dried dried, put on the drawer on the drawer.Steamed.

The color is white, and the rice grains are crystal clear like pearls.Pearl balls burning Sanhe: Farm flavors from Huangpi District, Wuhan, including fish balls, meatballs, meat cakes, fish cakes, broccoli, etc.At the end of one table, there is a light fragrance. The oil in the meat has been steamed, tender and not greasy, and quite tough, especially the more fragrant cakes, the more fragrant the broccoli, the broccoli also absorbs the fresh flavor of the meat.In the same way, the color is gorgeous and the taste is different.

Puyang three steamers: Eat Hubei cuisine, you must not eat Liyang three steamers.It is said that in Liyang, Hubei, steamed vegetables are the most famous. No matter what the dishes, the locals can steam it out, so there is a saying that it is “no dish without steaming.”Different seasons are different, and the content of three steaming also changes. Due to the steaming method, the nature of the dish is retained, which can be regarded as green dishes.Noodle nest: Wuhan citizens pay attention to “premature”, similar to our early tea, and the facial nest is one of the early loves that Wuhan citizens love. The two sides are yellow, the outside is crispy, the inside is soft, the middle is crispy, and the taste is cheap.Facewo duck neck: It is said that during the World Cup, the duck neck business is excellent. Some stores even have a 24 -hour delivery signboard, which shows people’s preferences for duck necks.Regarding the generation of duck neck, there is such a wonderful text. According to legend, the end of the Qin Dynasty, Zhao being surrounded, the allies general Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu, to rescue the giant deer.Duck, cooked with the wood of the boat, spicy taste, Shi Yu Ji followed the army, wanted to cook, sneezing and sneezing.In the past, I have a good taste of duck neck. I have never forgotten its taste for a long time.Make a secret recipe, cook with duck neck and duck palm, and the name of Nine Nine Ducks is passed on to the back.

(Intern editor: Zhang Man)


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