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Human body temperature 37 ° C has become history!The lower the body temperature, the worse the immunity, is it true?

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Since the epidemic

The body temperature has almost become what everyone does every day

But some people discovered

The body temperature is always a little more at 36 ° C

None has reached 37 ℃

Why is this?

In 1851, Dr. Wunderlight in Germany

Millions of body temperature measurements were performed for the subjects in Leipzig, Germany

And calculate the normal value of the human body for the first time

—— 37 ℃

Since then

Body temperature has always been used as a key life signs for judging health status


In 2020, researchers at Stanford University in the United States discovered

In the past more than a century

Human normal body temperature is decreasing

Researchers have been analyzed since 1860

More than 677,000 part of the collective temperature data

Compared with the end of the 19th century

The body temperature of men and women was reduced by 0.59 ° C and 0.32 ° C, respectively.

Why does the temperature of the human body decrease?

At present, there are three main speculations in the scientific community:

① Modern hygiene conditions have become better

In the past, because of poor hygiene conditions

Therefore, the human body is often infected with inflammation

Fast metabolism

So there are more calories generated

② The modern environment tends to be “constant temperature”

There are air conditioners in summer, and heating in winter

Improvement of external environment

Makes the human body from using too much energy to adjust the temperature

③ change of population structure

Physical temperature will be affected by age and gender

With the extension of the life expectancy of modern people

There are more and more elderly people

After the age, the body’s metabolic rate will decline

Temperature will be slightly lower than youthful adults

And adult female subcutaneous fat

Small calories

Adding the effects of sex hormones

Menstruation and pregnancy will be a little higher than normal

Therefore, women’s body temperature will also be about 0.3 ° C higher than men

According to 2021 population data

The current ratio of men and women in the world is 101: 100

But most areas still show more men than women

Japanese expert Ishihara Real “Come from the Come from the Come” mentioned:

When the temperature is 35.5 ° C

Cancer cells will breed a lot;

And when the temperature is 39.6 ℃

Cancer cells will disappear in large quantities;

Body temperature every 1 ℃

The immunity of the human body decreases by 30%;

There are a large number of examples in the book indicating:

High body temperature can significantly reduce the symptoms of heart disease, depression, cancer and other diseases


Will decreased body temperature really lead to a decline in immunity?


Decreased body temperature will indeed cause immunity to decrease

Because of the low body temperature, the basic metabolic rate is also low

When the efficiency of the white blood cells decreases and the blood flow becomes slower

Even if bacteria, viruses, etc.

The reaction will also become slow

Pay attention when the body temperature

The normal temperature range of different parts is different

The oral temperature is 36.3 ℃ ~ 37.2 ℃

The temperature of the armpit is 36.1 ℃ ~ 37 ℃

The anal temperature is 36.6 ℃ ~ 37.5 ℃

The temperature in the ear generally does not exceed 37 ℃

The forehead temperature does not exceed 37.5 ℃

In normal body temperature range

The higher the body temperature, the stronger the immunity

Because the higher the body temperature

You can activate more immune cells

So as to better eliminate the pathogenic microorganisms invading the human body

It plays a role in protecting the body

But pay attention to

The body temperature is too high, too much value is also harmful


It is a fever if it exceeds the normal value of 0.3 ℃

It is a fever reaction of immune cells to eliminate the pathogenic bodies


Fever is good for activating the body’s immune function

But if the body temperature continues to rise to 38 ℃

There will be multiple organs to participate in cooling, such as the sweat glands

When it reaches 39 ° C, the sweat glands may be on the verge of failure

Let the body appear a series of stress reactions

Extract oxygen consumption, faster heartbeat, increased heart output, etc.

For patients with heart disease

This will cause a lot of burden, and may even cause myocarditis

If it is not treated in time, the body temperature reaches 40 ℃

The brain will become a loss of this

It is easy to affect the nervous system

Makes symptoms such as unswerving, tiredness, drowsiness and other symptoms;

And reach 41 ℃

The body temperature is generally over -the -standard

At this time, it is serious to endanger life

What should I do if I find that I have a low body temperature for a long time?

Try the following methods

Come to help heat up

Exercise not only keeps the body good vitality

Enhance cardiopulmonary function

It can also enhance muscle strength

Make the energy supply in the body sufficient


Human blood circulation speeds up

Immune cell white blood cells are more active

Can detect and kill pathogens faster

So it is recommended to reduce long -seated

Choose rope skipping, run, squat and other exercises

Warm your body

Fat is the “insulation layer” of the human body

Can help maintain body temperature

It plays a role in resisting the cold

Therefore, there is no need to over -lose weight

Keep a moderate body fat content

Only to help maintain normal body temperature

For adults

Men should keep the body fat rate at 15%~ 18%

Women should keep the body fat rate at 20%~ 25%

Long -term in an environment where air conditioners are cool

It may reduce the sensitivity of the hill brain temperature adjustment center

The ability to regulate temperature decreases

Caused body temperature decrease

Human body temperature is not a fixed value

If the long -term body temperature is lower than the normal value

Be wary of diseases such as hypothyroidism, chronic heart failure, anemia, malnutrition and other diseases

Causes the pathological temperature too low

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