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Human legs decline first?Reminder: 4 behaviors are “accelerating” your legs are aging, causing attention

“Old, this leg is not good, it’s not as good as one day.” Uncle Wang sat on the stairs and rubbed his legs to rest, couldn’t help but sigh.

Uncle Wang is 60 years old. Recently, he always feels unfavorable with his legs and feet. He thought he was old and didn’t care. It wasn’t until a few days ago that Uncle Wang found that the ulcer surface appeared on his feet, and he realized that he was wrong and hurriedly seek medical treatment.

It turned out that King Wang was a diabetic patient. This examination found that the blood glucose was as high as 22mmol/L, the stenosis area of ​​the lower limbs reached more than 70%, and the complications of the kidney and cerebrovascular complications were combined.

Domination of legs and leg pain in the legs on weekdays is not caused by big age, but diabetes foot!

Doctors said that patients with diabetes combined with vascular neuroplasma are mostly nerve -damaged, and their perception of legs is not obvious. It is difficult to detect once there are small wounds, and it will even gradually ulcerate. In severe cases, there may be amputation.

After getting old, many people have leg pain from time to time. They always think that they are naturally aging and do not care too much, but sometimes leg pain is not necessarily aging, and it may be a disease signal.

First, the old man is old? Aging starts from the legs

In addition to the normal activity of the legs, in addition to the bones, joints, muscles, and blood supply, it is also dominated by the human brain. The ancient sayings have said that “the old roots of the tree are withered first, and the old legs are declining”. The accuracy and conduction speed of the brain to the legs will decrease, and the legs and feet are naturally not as good as when they are young.

If you compare your body to a non -stop working machine, then the legs are motivated by motivation. Imagine if the motor fails, will the machine operate in uncle? Because it does not operate, over time, the machine will gradually age and lose performance.

More than half of the activities in life such as jumping, walking, standing, and standing need to be completed by legs, and the legs are also an important transportation hub for human blood vessels. Because blood flows through the legs, the legs also have the “second heart”.

Our legs, except for lying flat and sleeping, are working hard at other times. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the legs on weekdays, it is likely that the legs will be disreated for a long time. At this time, it will cause more diseases.

Second, 6 symptoms appear on the feet, not feet aging, or disease alert

Leg health is the key to achieving smooth meridians. Symptoms need to be alert to disease.

Foot hemp: Frequent and long -lasting foot numbness, if it is not for a long time squatting or shoes, you need to be alert to lumbar spine disease. Lumbarism and spinal stenosis can compress the nerves, causing the hips to radiate the outside of the lower thigh to the outside of the calf and the toe to produce a paralysis. In addition, in addition to the feet, the hands, torso, and face are numb, and the cerebrovascular disease is suspected, and the feet are as sensitive as wearing socks, which may be related to abnormal blood sugar.

Foot cramps: Many people have experienced cramps, which are more related to excessive exercise and calcium deficiency. However, if the cramps of middle -aged and elderly people are still not improved after calcium supplementation, they should be highly suspected of being caused by vascular diseases such as thrombosis, atherosclerosis, or venous tension.

Foot cooling: Metabolic diseases reduce metabolic rates, and then affect human body heat production, especially legs and feet are easy to be cold. There are also anemia, poor diabetic blood glucose control, and arteriosclerosis occlusion, which may also cause cold problems of different degrees.

Foot swelling: Under normal circumstances, the leg swelling will fade after a period of time, but if you press hard at this time and the skin depression will occur, you should be alert to the possibility of metabolic disease, kidney disease, heart disease or lower limb vascular disease.

Deeper skin tone: The skin tone of the calf and the feet becomes darker. Considering diabetes, varicose veins, Renault disease or other metabolic diseases. These diseases are likely to cause blood circulation disorders, causing metabolites to accumulate on the calves and feet, and deeper skin tone due to pigmentation.

Leg itching: dry weather will make the skin rough and itchy. In addition, it may also be a disease problem, such as skin diseases caused by fungal infections, or systemic diseases such as diabetes and hepatobiliary diseases. Itching is abnormal.

Third, 4 behaviors are accelerating your leg aging, please make corrections in time

It is said that when you are young, you do n’t raise your legs well. When you are old, you can only regret it. In our lives, we may also do something to accelerate the aging of the legs!

Behavior 1: Love to wear tight pants

Frequent wearing tight pants can compress the calf and hinder blood circulation, which may cause the lower limbs to varicose veins, and spider -sized capillaries and even earthworm -like veins appear on the lower limbs.

Behavior: Love to wear high heels

High -heeled shoe heels will lead to overload of the calf, making the calf muscles become thicker.

It was mentioned in “Magazine of Vascular Surgery” that wearing high heels can easily weaken the blood backflow function of the calf vein, causing the lower limb vein to be in a state of congestion, especially the higher the heel heel, the more severe the heel, the more severe the heel. The problem.

Behavioral three: I can’t sit for a long time

Although sedentary can relax most of the muscles, it will also accelerate the aging of the leg muscles, and sedentary can also make the fat accumulate in the lower body. It is easy to cause lower limb edema or cause other diseases.

Behavior 4: Erlang’s legs

The legs of the legs can hinder the normal circulation of the blood and lymphatic blood of the legs, causing edema lower limbs, and the knees are bent when the legs of the Erlang legs are bent. It may cause the back of the feet to not be lifted, or cause thrombosis. Fourth, want to raise your legs first, keep in mind 4 o’clock to prevent the aging of the legs

Older growth is indeed a major cause of bone joint aging, but it is not to say that it is helpless and do these four points to prevent leg aging.

1. Avoid the movement of leg hurting

Actions such as squats and semi -squats, such as badminton, football and basketball, such as the movement of the knee joint, the movement of the knee joint, and the exercise of the upper and lower mountains, climbing stairs, etc., in fact, it will increase the weight of the knee joint, and it will increase The wear of cartilage is usually less to do.

2. Pay attention to legs warm

Usually should do a good job of warmth, especially soak your feet with hot water before falling asleep in winter, which can not only promote warmth, improve sleep quality, but also accelerate the symptoms of blood circulation and improve your legs fatigue. If you soak your feet, you should also pay attention to changes in water temperature, and patients with varicose veins should not soak their feet for a long time.

3. Moderate amount of protein and calcium

You can take more foods rich in isoflavones, protein and collagen, such as milk, eggs, soybeans, fish and shrimp, etc. Get calcium and estrogen from diet can protect our bone joints.

4. Frequent foot tiptcture

Tiber tiptoe can help improve personal balance. At the same time, the foot of the foot can also promote the blood flow of the lower limbs, which is beneficial to the cardiovascular. The movement of the tiptoe can also help the body to eliminate fatigue. The specific method of tiptoe is to close the feet, then stomach to the toes, relax, and repeat, about 5-10 minutes each time.

The legs of the legs will really be aging with the increase of age, so keep your legs as soon as possible, and don’t regret it when you get old! At the same time, everyone should pay more attention to the health of the legs. Pay attention to the discomfort such as the pain and swelling of the legs may not be a signs of aging alone, or it may be caused by the disease. It is best to check it in time to avoid misdiagnosis and delay the treatment.

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