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Hush that thing: These 4 are “disasters” caused by urination!Do you dare to urinate after reading it?

Recently, I received a letter from fans in the background:

I was 22 years old and recently found that my menstruation was always abnormal, so I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor suggested to be a B -ultrasound in the abdomen, but I asked me to drink a lot of water to urinate. When I went to the hospital, I just went to the toilet, so I didn’t have a little urine.

No way, I can only buy several bottles of water to drink at the hospital. As a person who does not like to drink water, it is really painful to drink a lot of water for a while. I tossed on the same day to meet the requirements for checking.

But I do n’t understand, why do I have to urinate?

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Why do I need to urinate if I do B -ultrasound?

In fact, not all B -ultrasounds need to be urinating. Whether urinary urination depends mainly on the type of the disease. Some examinations that require urination are mostly organs adjacent to the bladder, such as uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and prostate.

The B -ultrasound examination of some other parts can be performed without urination, such as B -ultrasound and some women in some pregnancy after 3 months of pregnancy.

The reason why urination is needed is to let the bladder push the intestines away and make the organ structure near the bladder clearer. Our urine itself is a uniform medium, and ultrasound can easily see the organs behind the rear.

The degree of urination needs to be judged according to the differences of individuals. There is no unified standard. Generally, it is recommended to drink 1L of water about 1l before checking. After about 40 minutes, the bladder can reach the degree of filling.

Determine whether the degree of urination is possible, you can gently press your abdomen. If you can tolerate it, it means that the degree of urination is moderate.

When some women are checked, the doctor will let her go to the toilet to discharge a part of the urine, mostly caused by excessive urine. Excessive urination can cause excessive filling of the bladder, but it will compress the organs in the pelvic cavity, causing it to deform.

In this way, some micro lesions in the pelvic cavity are easily covered, and misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis will occur.

Many women feel painful when conducting B -ultrasound, because they are usually difficult to urinate, and they have to wait a long time after drinking water to urinate. How can I make themselves more urine?

Is it always difficult to urinate? Teach you 3 methods

First of all, when drinking water, be careful not to have a tons of tons of tons, but to swallow it slowly, so that the body can fully absorb water, and it will not bring too much burden on the kidneys. Walk and speed up the speed of moisture in the body;

Secondly, you can also eat some fruits that help diuretic, such as pear, watermelon, etc., which can speed up the filling of the bladder filling.

During the examination, urination is a last resort. We must avoid urination in life. Urine can bring a great threat to our health.

Urudening and hurting the body, it is best not to “hold”

1. Urinary tract stones

Urine can cause urine to stay in the bladder for a long time, which can easily lead to the crystallization of the urine, and the risk of stones will greatly increase.

2. Urinary tract infection

Long -term urination can cause excessive filling of the bladder, which can easily lead to a decrease in the resistance of the bladder. Bacteria will easily take advantage of it, and the risk of infection will increase. In addition, too much urine in the bladder will have a certain risk of retrograde upward, which may induce nephritis.

3, bladder relaxation

The bladder is in a state of excessive filling for a long time, and it is easy to cause the elasticity of its inner wall to decrease. The risk of frequent urination in the future will increase, and some serious ones will even cause urinary incontinence.

4. Increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

When people are urinating, the sympathetic nerves are also in excitement. In this case, it is easy to cause increased blood pressure, accelerate heartbeat, and increased myocardial oxygen. For some people who have cardiovascular disease, sudden urination after urination can easily cause cardiovascular accidents.


I will summarize it here. The need to urinate during the inspection is to ensure the accuracy of the results, but in daily life, you still need to remind everyone not to urinate to avoid adverse effects on health.

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