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Hypertension: Reduce the effect of traffic -related air pollution on blood pressure

Exposed to traffic -related air pollution (TRAP) may increase the prevalence of blood pressure (BP) and hypertension of residents near highways. Relatively less research surveys reduce the effect of TRAP exposure on short -term BP changes. Recently, a research article published on Hypertension, a cardiovascular authority. Researchers have evaluated whether the indoor TRAP concentration can effectively prevent acuteness by using independent high -efficiency particle blocking filters (HEPA) and restricting the penetration of doors and windows (that is, in at The BP of BP rose within a few hours.

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Researchers adopted a three -phase cross -design. 77 participants participated in the TRAP exposure of 3 hours and 2 hours. The interval was 1 week washing out. Each participant is exposed to a high, medium, and low -concentration Trap environment in a room near the State Expressway. Researchers continued to monitor particle concentration, carbon black concentration and temperature. Measted compression pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure and heart rate every 10 minutes. The results of the study are analyzed by a linear hybrid model. The main ending of the study is the change of SBP after 20 minutes of exposure.

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SBP increases with the extension of the exposure time, and the increase is related to the size of the exposure. For low -level exposure SBP average changes to 0.6mmHg (average particle number and black carbon concentration of 2500 particles/cm3 and 149 ng/m3), medium -level exposure SBP average changes to 1.3mmHg (the average particle number and black carbon concentration of 11000 particles /cm3 and 409ng/m3) particles, high -level exposure to the SBP average change to 2.8mmHg (the average particle number and black carbon concentration are 30,000 particles/CM3 and 826 ng/m3; linear trend p = 0.019). There is no significant statistical difference in the end of the ending, diastolic blood pressure, or heart rate.

In summary, reducing the interior trap concentration can effectively prevent acute SBP.

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