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I am more afraid of bronchitis than my wife’s management

Once upon a time, my friend felt that his wife was in a miserable manner. After hesitated for a long time, he determined to marry. But he recently saw me, and shivered me that he was more afraid of bronchitis than his wife’s control.

He has to cough for a long time every day, and he has been panting. He feels that he has to cough out his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and sometimes the symptoms of fever in the cold.

I said that you are indeed a wife, but it is not bronchitis. You are bronchitis. Don’t confuse bronchitis and bronchitis, delay your treatment timing.

Is my friend surprised? There are even distinction between bronchitis and bronchitis.

Are you like my friend, you can’t distinguish the bronchitis and bronchitis?


The cause of bronchitis is mainly caused by virus and bacterial infection caused by repeated infections caused by the bronchial and bronchial mucosa.

After the patients have bronchitis, the mucus inside the trachea will increase, resulting in the lack of negative ions in the trachea, and the respiratory enzyme activity of the tracheal mucosa is rapidly decreased. Finally, the patient’s alveolar secretion, pulmonary qi, and pulmonary qi change function will be affected to some extent.

Bronchitis is mainly caused by chronic non -specific inflammatory inflammation of the bronchial, bronchial mucosa and surrounding tissues. The main cause of inflammation is repeated infection of the virus and bacteria.


The main symptoms of bronchitis are long -term cough, which may cause bronchitis due to cold and rhinitis.

Bronchitis will also experience symptoms like bronchitis such as cough and sputum. After the patient has bronchitis, symptoms such as wind and cold and wind may occur.

According to the above symptoms, I can determine that my friends have a great chance to get bronchitis. Of course, if you want to be more assured and accurate, it is best to go to the hospital for diagnosis.


Although bronchitis and bronchitis are different in terms of cause and symptoms, measures in prevention are similar.

When the weather becomes cold, people are more likely to have bronchitis and bronchies. We should add clothes in a timely manner at this time, prefer to heat up for a while, and don’t make ourselves suffer for the grace.

If the living environment is turbid, it is likely to cause bronchitis and bronchitis.

Cigarettes are also the head of evil. If you want good health, quit smoking. Other people’s second -hand cigarettes will also cause serious damage to our trachea, and the long legs of two meters of long legs are far away from them.

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Wine, try to drink as little as possible, try not to eat spicy food.

In addition to the above points, exercise is also necessary.

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