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I don’t know where to get insulin?Play from these parts!

Insulin is a must -control method for many diabetic patients. Only by controlling blood glucose can prevent various complications as possible. However, the insulin injection site is also particular. The injection site is correct to achieve a very good control of blood sugar. The following article explains to everyone where the insulin injection site is better?

There are three commonly used injection sites for insulin, namely abdomen, arms, and hips. Details are as follows:

1. Abdominal: Under normal circumstances, most diabetes patients choose to inject insulin in this part. This is also the best part of the effect, because the abdomen is the closest to the inside of the abdomen, so that it has a good effect on the absorption of drugs. At the same time, the subcutaneous fat on the abdomen is very thick, and the fat distribution is very uniform. Insulin is unlikely to reach the muscle layer, so it is better to lock in this part for injection of insulin.

2. Arms: Insulin can also be injected at the triangle muscle of the arm, but its effect may be much worse than abdominal injection. Because the subcutaneous tissue around the arm is very weak, the insulin is very easy to enter the human body, and some insulin loses its own role. Moreover, the blood vessels on the arm of some people are not very obvious. When they go, they do n’t know where to tie up.

3. Glores: The position of the last injecting insulin is the hip. In this position, the injection effect is the worst, because the hip injection of insulin absorption is quite slow, especially in some thin people’s buttocks. And it is not easy to handle your hips, and the effect is not ideal.

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It can be seen from the above that the effect of injecting insulin in the abdomen is the best, followed by the arm, and the effect of the insulin in the hips is the worst. It is not recommended that you inject insulin in the hips. Before you do insulin yourself, you must receive a doctor’s training, which can achieve the best results.

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