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I don’t want to be aging in advance, please do these things well

As we grow older, our organs will slowly aging, and ovarian is no exception. However, some women will be aging in advance due to improper living habits and other reasons. E premature ovarian failure will cause great harm to female friends. Therefore, you must do ovarian health in daily life. How should female friends prevent premature ovarian failure?

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1. Adjust your diet


Women should pay attention to the balanced nutrition in their diet, intake sufficient high -quality protein, control the intake of fat and sugar, and insist on drinking milk and fresh fruits and vegetables. Can supplement calcium.

Also pay attention to the supplementation of vitamins, especially vitamin E and D. Proper supplementation of vitamin E can reduce the radical radical internal freeia, increase skin elasticity, slow down the aging of sexual glandular, and help anti -aging. It can also regulate immune function. It is important to women. A vitamin.

In addition, eat less fried and fatty foods, drink less coffee and sugar -containing drinks, and don’t drink.

2. Pay attention

Young women should pay attention to menstrual laws. Once problems such as menstruation, delayed menstruation, and small quantity should be treated in a timely manner, because premature ovarian failure is a slow development process, which can be manifested to a large extent. The menstruation will change.

3. Pay attention to contraception


Some young women mistakenly believe that “flow of people” is just a small matter. They did not realize that the impact of hormone changes in the body after the abortion of the abortion, and the endocrine recovery of the human body is a long process. If repeated flow and excessive disruption of endocrine, invisible damage will be caused, causing the ovaries to gradually lose normal function.

Therefore, young women must choose a way of contraception that suits them. Do not let the ovaries often hurt.

4. Keep good sleep

Good sleep is very good for health, and it is also one of the ways to delay premature ovarian failure. It should be sleeping before 11 o’clock in the evening to ensure that you sleep for 8 hours a day, which can relieve physical fatigue and make your body full of vitality. Some women like to stay up late to chase dramas, gatherings, overtime, etc., and stay up late for a long time to make their bodies overdrawn, causing premature ovarian failure.

5. Exercise appropriately


Exercise can maintain a well -proportioned body and delay aging. Some women blindly lose weight in order to lose weight, and even take weight loss pills or dieting, which will cause great harm to the body. Female friends can lose weight and exercise through exercise. If they are in good health, the ovaries are naturally healthy.

6. Regulate emotions

Those who have good emotions, endocrine, blood pressure, metabolism and other indicators are in normal state, the secretion of immune activity in the body increases, and the resistance is enhanced. Therefore, women should pay attention to regulating emotions, do not let negative emotions affect themselves, actively face psychological conflicts, learn correct emotional guidance, do not hold their minds in their hearts for a long time, which will affect women’s endocrine and lead to premature ovarian failure.

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