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I have the vascus tubeitis, the three “attention” must be known

Once male friends suffer from vasal tubulitis, they will have an impact on their health and even children. As a result, the disease will affect the quality of sperm discharge on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also easy to induce other reproductive systems or urinary system diseases. In order to avoid these adverse consequences, patients with vasteitis are also requested to self -discipline and self -discipline during treatment and do corresponding precautions. Today we will tell you what the precautions are available.

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One of the precautions for vasters: Dietary

Male friends with vasal tubulitis should eat more intestinal foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. For some greasy foods, they cannot be eaten, especially like fertilizer or emerald. Eating these foods will cause people to get angry, and once it causes constipation to increase inflammation.

In addition, eating more oysters, spinach, celery, leeks, and foods such as pineapple sugarcane can also help the cure of vasal tubulitis. Friends with vasal tubulitis should also be careful not to smoke and drink, because tobacco and alcohol have a lot of stimulation for seminal vesicles and vasters.

Precautions for Volticism Tube:

Male friends with vasal tubulitis must also make some adjustments in the schedule, and must not stay up late. It is best to ensure that you sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day, and you can’t sleep too late at night. Try to enter sleep before ten o’clock.

In the early days of bedtime, good health is not a word. It is recommended that such patients can get up at about 6 o’clock in the morning to perform some simple exercise and drink more warm water. This is very helpful for improving their physical functions and resisting bacteria infringement.

Precautions for Volume Tube Volticitis:

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Once a male friend has the vascus tubeitis, the number of sexual life will be reduced accordingly. The frequency of intercourse for 1 to 2 times a week is suitable, and it should not be too much. There are too many intercourse, and there is a certain stimulus to the vas deferens. In the state of expansion and contraction, the voltage pipe is not conducive to the recovery of inflammation of the vasters. It should also be reminded that it is best to clean the outer genitals before and after the intercourse, and maintaining hygiene also helps to recover as soon as possible.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone understands the precautions of vasal tubulitis. It can be seen that male friends have a lot of precautions for daily life to raise their bodies and treat vasal tubulitis, and it is difficult to persist. “Things in artificialness”, the disease is not terrible. What is terrible is that we lack the determination and perseverance of fighting the disease. May male friends defeat the “control” of the disease as soon as possible and regain a healthy life.


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