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“I secreted the sweat glands, but it was not smelly!” Listening to the underarm odor “self -confidence and innocence”

“I am very dissatisfied! Although I secrete the sweat glands, it is not smelly! I am really innocent, can’t blame me! What do you say? Then I have to start with my ancestor …”

“Self -evidence innocence” of underarm odor

Medical Guidance: Mao Guangyu, the attending physician of plastic surgery of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital

I am a big sweat glands in the human body. Most of the time I live in the skin silently, secrete sweat, and I feel a little ignored. But in the summer, my owner will often complain about me, because there is a one under their armpits. The taste of the shares is unsatisfactory, because of this taste, the owner is often disliked or even disliked by the people next to him.

How to describe this taste, stinky salted duck egg flavor? Cumin lamb flavor? Bad cheese flavor? Stimulus onion+smelly sweat? Native

In short, it’s not good! So it is called “underarm odor”!

Actually I am really innocent. I really ca n’t blame me. What do you say? Then I have to start with my ancestors.

In evolution, the smell related to our sweat glands is an important information exchange and transmission carrier in the evolution of mammals.

For example, there are mammals who come to your house to “be a guest”. You do n’t speak. You feel that the smell from it to perceives “it’ s coming ”. This is the role of our sweat glands.

However, as humans evolved from ordinary animals to high animals, with language and words, accustomed to dressing, the role of smell transmission information has gradually weakened, and the importance of our original features has gradually been ignored, and it is even known as a disease. It’s right.

Therefore, since the ancestor, the sweat secreted by our sweat glands has always been related to the release of the smell! The odor odor is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a disease!

However, humans have continued to evolve, accompanied by the continuous degradation of our big sweat glands, and now only remain under bilateral armpits, outer ear canal, eyelids, areolas and perineum.

In some countries such as East Asia, due to the small proportion of underarm odor patients in the entire crowd, people are increasingly uncomfortable with the irritating smell of our sweat glands, and people who are next to them even find it difficult to accept. This does have a significant impact on my master’s personal life and mental health.

Since people know the relationship between the smell and the sweat glands, I have added responsibility to my head. In fact, I am not convinced. Although I secrete the sweat glands, it is not smelly! The sweat I secreted has no taste itself! In order to be innocent, I must make it clear to everyone.

Our big sweat glands are composed of the secretion department and duct. The secretion department is located on the subcutaneous fat layer of the human body. The catheter department opens the upper end of the hair follicles and occasionally speaks directly on the skin surface.

The sweat that we secretes itself is sterile and tasteless. Soon after the discharge is discharged, it is decomposed into unsaturated fatty acids (mainly 3 — anti -2 — methyl -based acid) after being discharged. In this way, a special smell is produced.

Therefore, the odor of underarm odor is not caused by my big sweat glands, but the bacteria are using me as a cricket.

For example, the secretion department of our big sweat glands is equivalent to a pool. The catheter department is equivalent to water pipes. The catheter is connected to the pool. It leads to the skin and merges with the hair follicles before passing to the skin. When the water in the pool is transported to the surface of the skin through the water pipe, it happened to touch the bacteria on the surface of the skin. The bacteria made a mess and produced a odor.

If there is no bacteria here, how can it produce odor?

In addition to hearing complaints, some people said that I let them sweat a lot, and the clothes under the armpits are often wet, which is very embarrassing. I have to strictly declare that I have to say that more than sweat has nothing to do with our big sweat glands! You should go to my brother Khan Gland to ask for a statement.

Like me, the small sweat glands are also composed of the secretion department and the catheter. The secretion site is deeper and subcutaneous tissue, and the catheter directly speaks of the sweat holes on the surface of the skin.

Small sweat glands are almost distributed on the surface of the human body, and the main function is to regulate body temperature. Sweating is dominated by choline nerve and is affected by various factors. The heat is the main stimulating factor, and mental stress can also cause sweating.

But the master’s question comes:

“Since the sweat glands are born, everyone has it, and the bacteria in the armpit are also everyone. Why can’t others smell the smell, just do I have a smell? Why does it not be a child? What? Why is there no other family, but our family has a tie? “

In the face of this pile of problems, I have difficulty arguing. Because, I provided sweat from raw materials, and no matter how to explain, I couldn’t escape the dry department. However, I still want to talk about it–

First of all, the number of sweat glands in patients with underarm odor, the density of the sweat glands, and the volume are significantly higher than that of other people. The hypertrophy of adenocyte hyperplasia is the histological basis for the occurrence of underarm odor.

Secondly, the secretion of sweat of our big sweat glands is affected by genetic factors and sex hormones. Under the common action of genetic factors and sex hormones, the expression of unsaturated fatty acids increases and the odor increases. In other words, our big sweat glands are with life. As we grow older and the level of sex hormone levels increases, we gradually start to activate. This is why it is generally after adolescence, and the odor after age is reduced; why the incidence of underarm odor is family and hereditary.

Furthermore, our big and small sweat glands are dominated by nerves and spiritual. Under the influence of mental factors, the sympathetic nerves are excited, promote more sweat secretion of large sweat glands, and increase the amount of smell basic substance at the armpit of the unit time during the unit time. <!-2528: Dermatology terminal page

The moisture and small molecules such as the water and inorganic salts co -produced by the two brothers of our two brothers make the armpits extremely humid, which provides excellent conditions for the breeding of bacteria in the armpit, which increases the smell. , I’m really sorry!

As mentioned earlier, underarm odor itself is a normal physiological phenomenon, objectively, everyone should be more or less. Because the vast majority of people are too little and too light, they and others will not notice it; only less smells are not pathological, and they can ignore it.

But if you feel that this odor affects the feelings of the people around you, affect your good impression in the hearts of others, affect your social and self -esteem, and even affect your psychological health, it becomes a pathological problem, and you need medical care. You need medical care. Support and help! (Correspondent Gu Haiying)

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