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I suspect my depression every day?What is depression?

Do you often feel unhappy in daily life, study and work? Is it easy to be pessimistic and lost when looking at things? Sometimes do you want to become a monk and become a “Buddhist youth” without an event?

When the stress is raging in life, when you no longer go out to socialize, when you haven’t laughed for a long time, have you doubted that you have suffered from depression?

With the development of society, people’s work and study pressure are increasing, and the incidence of depression is also increasing. According to the WHO data, the number of suicide deaths in the world is as high as 1 million due to depression; in 2009, the previous epidemiological survey of “Liu Ye Dao” estimated that Chinese depression patients would have reached 90 million; according to statistics, by 2020 Depression may become the second largest human disease after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases!

Depression, this “silent lamb”, is currently harming human health and even life in a silent way.

What are the depression?

Depression is a common disease. No one can get it without distinguishing between men and women and children. Depression is not a simple psychological problem, but a organic disease with a certain biological foundation. What are the manifestations of depression patients?

1. Low mood

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Feel sadness, sadness, melancholy, and low emotions. It is the most basic and most common symptom manifestation of depression patients. In this world, there seems to be nothing that can cause the interest of depression patients. They can’t figure out the meaning of alive, and the degree of self -recognition is extremely low.

2. Slow thinking

During the day, patients with depression will feel like a year of life. In the face of a day of work and study, their brains are like rusty, memory loss, no concentration of attention, and procrastination. When others speak, their brains are in their brains. Will not keep up with the speed of colleagues, giving people a feeling of “foolishness”.

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