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I will not be addicted to playing insulin, you understand after reading this article

Is it really addicted to injection insulin? If you want to know the answer to this question, you have to start with the source.

Cells are like a small family that is isolated from the outside world by “cell membrane” to maintain the stability of the human body and the function of various organs. Hundreds of trillions of “cell families” formed the “big society” of the human body. Glucose provides energy for cell activity. The intake of starchy foods into the blood through the intestines and become the “blood sugar” we can measure through the intestine.

Due to the blocking of cell membranes, glucose must be entered through many special “doors” on the cell membrane. Most of these “doors” are usually closed, and insulin is the only key to open these “doors”. After eating, the blood sugar rises, and the islets immediately secrete a large amount of insulin. The “doors” on the cell membrane are all opened, so that excess glucose in the blood can quickly enter the cells.

In normal times, the pancreas only secretes a small amount of insulin, and only a few “doors” on the cell membrane are in a state of opening, allowing blood sugar to remain within a stable normal range. If the “key” produced by the pancreas cannot be opened enough “door”, type 1 diabetes will occur; if the number of “doors” on the cell membrane is reduced or faulty, it cannot be opened, and type 2 diabetes will occur.

How is misunderstanding?

For patients with diabetes who need to inject insulin, controlling blood glucose in an ideal range can delay the complications of diabetes. However, many patients with type 2 diabetes believe that insulin is “hormone”, once injecting will be as addicted to drugs. In the long run, insulin will “depend on” insulin.

Patients’ fear of insulin makes their attitude towards injection of insulin can also be dragged. It is better to take four or five kinds of hypoglycemic drugs and do not want to inject insulin. As a result, not only the blood sugar is not controlled, but also the liver and kidney damage. If injecting insulin at this time, the protection of its own organs has greatly reduced; even at this time, insulin cannot eliminate damage to the liver and kidney in the short term, which will cause misunderstandings of insulin addiction.

How is the addiction head eliminated

In actual diagnosis and treatment, diabetic doctors will recommend type 1 diabetes patients for insulin treatment; type 2 diabetic patients must first conduct islet functional assessment. If the islet function has been exhausted or has a tendency to fail, insulin treatment is recommended.

Studies have shown that early use of type 2 diabetic patients can reduce the burden on their own islets and help the repair and recovery of islet function. For some diabetic patients, insulin injection can also be gradually changed to oral hypoglycemic drugs after using a stage.

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Furthermore, insulin is originally an endocrine hormone in the human body, but the secretion of diabetic patients is far less than normal people, and it is necessary to find “foreign aid”. The early use of insulin not only protects its important organs, delays chronic complications, but also avoids the so -called “addiction” of insulin.

With the advancement of medical technology, insulin dosage forms, administration methods, and administration paths have developed greatly. At present, insulin has ultra -short -term, short -acting, medium -efficiency and long -acting dosage forms. For different patients, different patients can inject 4, 3 times, 2 times, and once a day. Essence In addition to subcutaneous injection, oral, atomized, and subcutaneous insulin is also under development. The use of insulin in the future will become more convenient and flexible. It can be “tailored” according to the needs of different patients, bringing more benefits to patients.

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