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If it wasn’t for her breast cancer, I would get the Nobel Prize with her



At 4:50 am local time on October 7th, 61 -year -old William Kaelin received a call. Hearing the news of winning the Nobel Prize, Kelin was not very excited. Instead, he slowly put down the phone and watched the sun that was about to rise outside the window.

Who should I share with the joy of winning? He picked up his mobile phone, smiled with Zhang Ying with the lady behind him, and sent the photo to the Nobel Prize official.

Kailin said that taking this photo is to tell the world: I won a prize with my wife.

Breast surgeon, suffering from breast cancer

The lady in the photo is his dead wife Carolyn Kaelin. At the subsequent press conference, Kailin mentioned his late wife and said affectionately, “She is my best friend and hero, and the best partner I do. Without her, I, me, me, me Accepting such a wonderful recognition and lofty honor, it feels really bitter. But I guess, if she is there, she will smile and say, “I told you, you will get this honor ‘.”

Kailin’s wife is an outstanding breast cancer surgeon who works with her husband at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. It was the youngest female executive of Harvard Medical College’s affiliated hospital at that time. When her career was booming, her fate opened a huge joke with her -experts committed to studying breast cancer, but suffered from breast cancer.

In 2003, 42 -year -old Caroline was diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment, tumor metastasis was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2010. During his wife’s illness, Kelin had been taking care of his wife and fighting the disease with her. The illness of his wife made Kailin aware of the importance of basic research. He focused on the study of cancer, hoping to quickly develop better treatment methods, applies to his wife, and help his wife heal as soon as possible. However, in July 2015, Caroline left the world forever.

Four years after his wife died, Dr. Kailin, who had explored more than 40 years, won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on cell perception and adapting to the mechanism of oxygen change.

However, Kelin regarded the award very indifferently. In his opinion, honor was all things outside of him. As long as you can make new discoveries for others, Kelin will feel happiness.

Breast cancer, screening is really important

“Like many women, I did not check my breasts before. I think this will not happen to me because I am a breast surgeon.” Liz O’Riordan and Carlo Lin has a similar fate. (Click to view: when breast cancer surgeons suffer from breast cancer)

In 2015, the 40 -year -old breast surgeon Orelden was diagnosed with breast cancer (phase III). After that, she received breast resection and reconstruction, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In the end, she had to give up her work for nearly 20 years Essence In May 2018, her breast cancer recurred and received the second round of treatment.

Fortunately, Orerton continued her life and helped patients with the same breast cancer as her to regain confidence.

The experience of the two breast surgeons warned the majority of women, breast cancer, and must be screened regularly.

Breast cancer group screening is a second -level prevention measure recommended by the World Health Organization. Breast cancer screening model based on breast X -ray examination can clearly reduce the mortality of breast cancer. It is recommended that women choose this method for breast cancer. Screen. The breast X -ray screening is a negative tight -type breast woman. It is recommended to supplement breast ultrasound screening, which can effectively increase the detection rate of breast cancer.

In addition, breast ultrasound screening can be used for the screening of 40-44 -year -old breast cancer at 40 to 44 years old in the family history of non -early breast cancer family history or not carrying breast cancer pathogenic genetic mutation genes.

Although the evidence of breast cancer is still inadequate with the use of breast palpation, the breast palpation can still increase the detection rate of breast cancer for women who have never received breast cancer screening. Therefore Check the initial means before.

How old are women who need to screen?

Although some foreign guidelines recommend that women over 50 years of age start screening breast cancer, most of the guidelines recommend 40 years of age as the starting age of breast cancer screening. The peak peak of female breast cancer in my country is 45 ~ 54 years old, which is about 10 years earlier than European and American countries. Age 40.

For the termination age of breast cancer image screening, most foreign group screening is recommended to use 65 to 70 years as the upper limit of screening. However, the incidence of breast cancer in the elderly is still high. Therefore, our guidelines believe that whether the elderly stop screening to consider personal health, expectations, and various complications. If there are many complications and limited life span, breast cancer screening is not required. Therefore, the elderly over 70 can consider opportunistic screening.

Those with obvious breast cancer genetic tendencies, patients who have previous breast ducts or patients with unprecedented hyperplasia or leaflet in situ cancer, and people who have received breast radiotherapy before the age of 30 belong to high -risk people with breast cancer. For such people, it is recommended to carry out breast screening earlier (<40 years old). It is recommended to check the breast X -ray once a year, once every 6 to 12 months of breast ultrasound examination, and once every 6 to 12 months If necessary, the breast MRI test once a year. Self -screening: Usually "touch" breasts

In order to achieve early treatment and early treatment, it is recommended that each woman should always stand next to the mirror to see if the breasts on both sides are symmetrical and touch the breasts. If the following problems occur, you must pay attention:

A lumps with breasts or underarm areas;

Breast size and shape change;

Pain in a specific area, and the pain will not disappear;

The nipple suddenly appears overflow;

There are sores or rashes on the nipple;

Breast swelling, redness, or turning black;

Breast skin is sunken;

The nipples or breasts are initure.

Although most breast lumps will not be canceled, if the breasts are found, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination. Early breast cancer generally cannot touch the lymph nodes metastasis of the armpit.

Some people will ask, can breast cancer prevent it?

Prevention is difficult, but some lifestyles can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Such as smoking quit, healthy diet, proper exercise, and maintaining healthy weight index (BMI).

In addition, the US Prevention Services Working Group (USPSTF) recently updated the recommendation of “Drugs to reduce the risk of breast cancer” on JAMA: for women with age ≥35 years old, increased breast cancer risk, and low risk of drug adverse reactions, it is recommended to reduce the risk to reduce the risk Drugs (such as Monifen, Rylosfen, or aromatase inhibitor) to prevent breast cancer (click to view: Drugs reduce the risk of breast cancer, do you want to try? | USPSTF recommendation).

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