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If men ligate the vasters, can it be resumed?

In order to better contraception, many families have chosen the way male ligation tubes have been chosen. Now they have opened a second child policy. Many families want to have another two treasures. So, can the vastered pipes that have been ligated, can it be resumed? The answer is yes, just need to do a vasterous pipe reciprocating operation.


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The principle of vollar ligation is to stop the vollar ligation, clip, injection sticking, or electrocoagulation burning, etc., blocking the combination of sperm and eggs, and also achieved the purpose of contraception. Then if you want to resume, you can do a re -operation.

The voltic pipe reciprocating operation is to reinterpret the previously truncated vasters, and the original obstructive channel is reopened. It is an orthopedic surgery, which is to remove the scar of the original ligation area. The vasal pipe is unblocked through the infusion tube conformity.

However, because the vascular ligation is a permanent interception of the tubes, if there is a requirement of fertility, the infusion pipe is unblocked through the inferior transfusion. However, whether it can restore women to normal pregnancy immediately depends on the range of surgical, vastered tubular ligation, destruction degree, the size of the vastered tube of the two ends, the length of the remaining vasters, and whether there is an inflammatory scar reaction on the broken end of the vasal pipe. This is wrong to restore the function of natural pregnancy by “loosening and solving”. This is wrong.

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