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If the child eats eggs, there is a university to ask

Eggs are commonly used foods with very rich nutrition and relatively low prices, and they are also good for winter diet. Its food objects are quite wide. From 4 to 5 months of babies to old people, they are suitable for consumption. Famous eggs are better than raw

Eggs are easily infected with Salmonella and other pathogenic microorganisms, and they are prone to digestive diseases in raw food. Instead, the protein structure of cooked eggs changes from density to loose, and it is easy to digest and absorb the human body. Of course, after excessive heating, the excessive solidification of protein is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

Tea eggs should be eaten less

Both the egg yolk and the protein are high -quality protein, and the digestive rate is high.

Babies under 1 year old and more than 4 months are preferably eating egg yolk. Generally, it starts with 1/4 egg yolk and gradually increases to 1 egg yolk after adaptation. Children over one year old can start eating whole eggs.

Some young children eat eggs with allergies. This is mainly allergic to ovard protein. It should avoid eating egg white and even whole eggs. In the future, they will gradually eat egg yolk and gradually achieve the purpose of desensitization. However, for most young children, eggs, especially egg yolks, are rich in nutrients and should not be discarded. It is advisable to eat one a day.

Eggs should be cold underwater pot

There are many ways to eat eggs. Different methods can be selected according to different ages and physical conditions. Babies are commonly used to eat egg yolk in boiled eggs, crush them into powder, add water or milk. Children who can start from steamed egg custard to egg flower soup, water splash eggs and fried poached eggs.

Do not use milk or soy milk for eggs, because eggs cannot be completely mature. Children can eat scrambled eggs, egg dumplings, golden hooks thousands of rolls, crab noodles, etc.

Cooking eggs is one of the common ways to eat, but if you don’t cook it, you often make the egg white and the egg yolk is not familiar; absorb. The correct method of cooking eggs: Eggs are in a cold water pot, heat up slowly, and boil slightly after boiling for 2 minutes. Soak for 5 minutes after the ceiling, so that the egg whites are tender, and the egg yolks are solidified and not old.

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Children who should not eat more eggs

Which children should not eat more eggs? 1. Children with incomplete renal function should not eat more eggs, otherwise urea nitrogen accumulation will aggravate the condition. 2. Children with sores in the skin should not eat more eggs.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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