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If the human body lacks vitamin B2, 3 parts of the body will issue “reminders”, and timely supplement

“Son, I heard that vitamin B2 is a high -blood -pressure nemesis. I see that others only say a few dollars a bottle. You can buy a few bottles to send me back home.”

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Xiao Wang was holding the game, but was interrupted by his dad’s voice call. He was very angry. “What is vitamin B2? Don’t you be fooled by any health experts again. Didn’t you remember the lesson? “Turned his head and hung up the phone.

After that, Xiao Wang searched the content of “Vitamin B2 is a nemesis of hypertension”, and found that all kinds of news on the Internet were messy, and it was true or false.

Can vitamin B2 really treat hypertension? What is the relationship between the two?

1. Vitamin B2 is a “nemesis” of high blood pressure. Is there a scientific basis?

Vitamin B2 is also called nucleotolin, which is closely related to protein metabolism. When the lack of vitamin B2 in the body, it can cause a decrease in the activity of lysine oxidase, which affects the formation of collagen cross -linking, which causes skin damage.

So why does vitamin B2 have a relationship with hypertension? This is to mention a forward -looking study from the South Hospital of Southern Medical University.

This study was published in “Hypertension”, incorporated into the data of the Chinese Nutrition and Health Survey Questing Research Corporation, which has been followed up for more than 7.8 years of follow -up, and according to the diet within a week, it will be followed by the subject. Calculate the total amount of vitamin B2 in the subject.

Based on the risk factors such as the new high blood pressure situation, the age, and gender of the subject, the research team speculates that the group with the lowest intake from the lowest intake of vitamin B2, the risk of new high blood pressure decreases by 26 %.

Researchers analyzed that after entering the body, vitamin B2 can accelerate the metabolism in the body, improve the body’s lipid metabolism, reduce the time of fat in the body, and play a role in preventing hypertension.

Is it necessary for middle -aged people to supplement vitamin B2?

In fact, in daily life, a healthy diet can meet the human body’s needs for vitamin B. For people with a large demand for vitamin B2, on the basis of improving diet, after consulting doctors or nutritionists, they can appropriately supplement the composite vitamin B family to meet human needs.

2. Proper supplement vitamin B2, or can gain 3 benefits

According to the “Evaluation of the Nutritional intake of adults in my country”, Chinese residents generally lack vitamin B2, lack a proportion of 88.1%of men and 85.4%of women.

Vitamin B2 has a wide range of effects, such as participating in cell growth metabolism; promoting cell regeneration; cooperation with other material, participating in multiple metabolism; promoting growth and development, maintaining the integrity of skin and cell membranes; promoting skin, nails, hair and other growth; Prevent and eliminate oral reproductive syndrome; promote the body’s absorption of iron; and enhance vision.

It can be seen that vitamin B2 is an important part of life activities and indispensable. Vitamin B2 enters the body, and sometimes it can still have the effect of “treating the disease”:

1. Migraine

The clinical study has confirmed that vitamin B2 has certain therapeutic effects on migraine and has high safety.

However, it should be noted that not all migraine can use vitamin B2 for relief. For migraine caused by cervical spine disease and cerebrovascular disease, the effect of taking vitamin B2 is limited.

2. Vascular sclerosis

Vitamin B2’s participation in the energy metabolism of the human body will help improve the supply of heart blood and improve myocardial function. Taking vitamin B2 can enhance blood power and prevent vascular sclerosis.

3. Improve cold resistance

Vitamin B2 is involved in human hematopoietic and energy metabolism, and this process can cause people to produce heat and achieve the purpose of cold resistance. It can use vitamin B2 and vitamin E and iron to achieve more effort.

Third, the body’s 3 parts are discomfort, it should be added

As an important vitamin of the human body, when the supply and demand in the body is insufficient, some parts of the human body will produce inflammatory reactions.

Skin: Vitamin B2 deficiency, affects the metabolism conversion of the skin, can cause seborrheic dermatitis, which is more common in parts with sebum secretions behind the ears, breasts, and jaws.

Eyes: The body lacks vitamin B2, which can cause eyeball conjunctiva congestion, hyperplasia around the cornea, and may occur under the corneal ulcer in severe cases.

Oral cavity: Insufficient vitamin B2 can cause corner pain and ulcers, lips swelling, lip coloring, tongue slime, or map -like erythema tongue.

Vitamin B2 is supplemented by daily diet, which can be improved by diet structure. For example, some animal liver, soy products, milk, banana, green leafy vegetables, etc. are rich in vitamin B2, which can be eaten daily.

If the food supplement is still lacking, you can go to the pharmacy to buy vitamin B2 to take it. Some friends may be worried that there will be side effects when they are supplemented by vitamin B2. In fact, the general excessive vitamin B2 will be excreted from the body through urine, and it will not accumulate in the human body. Don’t worry too much.

Of course, vitamin B2 can not be effective immediately. Human life activities, nor can it be “contracted” by vitamin B2 alone. Therefore, it is best to ensure diversification in diet.The energy required for activities is sufficient.Reference materials:

[1] “Multi -supplementing this vitamin, may be away from hypertension!According to data from 12,000 people in China, higher vitamin B2 intake is related to the risk of hypertension and the risk of hypertension by 26%| clinical discovery. “

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[3] “Vitamin B2 was so powerful, 99%of people did not know!”Chinese pharmacy. 2022-05-11

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