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If you don’t want to get fatter in summer, you must manage your emotions well

The weather is hot in summer, and people are easy to dry. If you don’t want to get fat, you will be less angry! Emotions have an influence on obesity. Angry is a taboo for girls, and fat is the easiest to grow on the waist when angry. So how do you manage your emotions? Let’s take a look together!

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1. Perceive angry

The heartbeat is accelerated, the palms are sweating, the speech is stuttered … The physiological reactions of everyone when everyone is angry. It is not easy to notice at first. Usually, relatives and friends next to them are easier to notice. You can refer to their reminders.

2. Thinking determines emotions

Find the source of anger and look at your anger, have you thought too much or misunderstood? Usually, when the anger reaches the highest point, it will gradually dissipate, and it will not exist for too long, but if you think wildly, you always feel that the other party is targeting you and facing you, and may be entangled in endless anger.

3. Write “Angry Diary”

Have you remembered what would be scared or angry recently? What kind of situation? Have you encountered similar situations in the past? How to deal with it? It also records a variety of complex emotions mixed with anger, such as inferiority, loss, frustration, fear, etc., usually do a few more exercises to master the root of anger. This is also the secret of many people who do not often lose their temper and maintain EQ.

4. Speak to the “understand” person listen to

Choose a friend who knows how to take care of people, or professional psychological counseling personnel, and tell him your anger, dissatisfaction and grievances. You can remove the emotional mines buried in your heart. Mobly be angry.

5. Good foods that don’t be angry when eating

In addition to learning positive energy decompression, making the rational cerebral cortex more active, and also pay attention to diet, such as less fried foods and sweets that can easily cause inflammatory reactions, eat more antioxidant foods such as soy milk, grains and fish oil, etc. Can make the body suffer from stress, pay attention to sufficient sleep, and reserve more happy energy.

6. Relax, relax

The next time it is popular, do you take 10 deep breaths and then ask yourself: What is the big deal? There is another method: close your eyes, gently press the temple with your thumb, massage slowly, and throw unpleasant things aside.

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