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If you want to be “disfigured” by the Spring Festival, I suggest you still do these 4 things.

Looking forward to, looking forward to the Spring Festival, the holidays finally come, and finally you can let go of work and study, and take a good rest.

According to the experience of Primary Nine in previous years, although the holidays are happy, there are many troubles, such as blind dates, such as urging marriage, such as urging the second child, such as crazy acne on the face.

How to prevent annoying acne during the holiday? The doctor reminds you not to do the following 5 bad things!

1. Dietary uneven

Eating and eating is a holiday mode for many people. There are braised pork ribs, spicy chicken nuggets, and big bone sticks made by my parents at home. There are also small snacks such as fans, potato chips.

When I eat it for a while, I forgot these high -calorie, high -fat, high oil, and high -salt foods to spawn acne. After eating so much, you don’t have acne!

Although the holidays are free, they cannot be casually eating. There are fruits and vegetables, and the nutrition is balanced. The skin can be beautiful.

2. Stay up late

Usually busy with work or study, miss too many favorite film and television dramas or variety shows, many people have started to make up for it during the holidays, and there are other things to do for more than ten hours during the day. Holding the computer, accidentally passed the morning.

Faced with electronic products for a long time, eyes pain is inevitable, and the skin will be injured. The most important thing is that if you stay up late to chase the drama, the dark circles are worsened, the bags under the eyes are more obvious, and the endocrine has begun to be abnormal. When you wake up, you may find a lot of acne.

If there is no way to stay up late, then set at least a time to stay up late.

3. Do not wash in time

The basic cleaning of the skin is the most important part of all skin care processes, otherwise there will be more essence creams. This is easy to do, but it is not really easy.

Let’s talk about the Spring Festival holiday. Many people are at home. The door does not come out. The second door is not entered. The three meals a day have reduced, and even the process of washing their faces and brushing teeth directly saved. If the skin is not cleaned, the fat secreted by the skin is accumulated in the pores. How can it not be acne?

Don’t forget to wash your face again, even if you go back to sleep after washing your face!

4. Don’t drink water

The Spring Festival holiday is suitable for laziness at home. Lazy has a realm: unless the WiFi is broken, it will not get up; except that you can’t hold it, you will not get up to the toilet; It’s too troublesome to go to the toilet.

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Dry in winter, and the skin is prone to problems. Although drinking water cannot enter the skin cells directly, it can speed up the metabolism of the body and the skin’s metabolism can avoid problems such as acne.

Even if the Spring Festival holiday depends on the bed, the bedside must put a cup of water!

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