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If you want to lose weight without diet, drink black vinegar, please drink black vinegar

Usually what we call a thin physique is that it will not become fat no matter how you eat it. Easy -to -thin constitution can be divided into two types: one is that the digestion and absorption of food in the body is not very strong, and the other is to quickly consume the energy in the body. The first constitution is difficult to gain weight due to the low absorption ability of nutrition. For example Because the metabolism in the body is very active, it also makes the energy consumption in the body quickly get fat.

But what should I do if I do not belong to these two constitutions? Don’t worry, here we will recommend a good way to lose weight, so that you can avoid the pain of diet, and it can easily achieve weight loss Effect. That is -black vinegar weight loss method!

The so -called [black vinegar weight loss] is a method of weight loss using human constitution. Human body intake of black vinegar can make the body alkaline, which is never outdated and always effective to lose weight.

The amino acid contained in black vinegar

A long time ago, people thought that vinegar had a lot of benefits to the health of the human body. Recently, black vinegar in Kyushu in China and Japan is very popular as a healthy food. Generally speaking, black vinegar fermentation will contain a large amount of amino acids for 1-3 years, and these amino acids have a good weight loss effect. And if it is usually vinegar used in cooking, basically does not contain amino acids, so you must pay attention when choosing.

The amino acids contained in black vinegar can inhibit the absorption of fat in the human body while promoting the burning of fat in the body. If you eat a little black vinegar every day, you can reduce the amount of cholesterol and neutral fat in the body, accelerate blood circulation, make the quality of the blood better, and it is effective for weight loss. In addition, the amino acids contained in black vinegar also have a younger effect. After the human body is absorbed by the human body, it will promote the secretion of hormones in the body and the metabolism of cells in the human body. The hormone volume that people can secrete in the body will decrease with age, and if you consume amino acids, you can keep the human body young.

The effect of vinegar -the cycle of citric acid

Generally speaking, the citric acid contained in ordinary vinegar we usually use does not exceed 0.2%, and the main component of vinegar is acetic acid and other organic acids. These ingredients will be converted into citric acid after entering the human body. Citric acid can be transformed into other types of acids with other harmful acidic substances in the body, then decompose these acids, and then transform into a cycle cycle such as citric acid again. This is the cycle of citric acid. If this cycle is not smooth, it will accumulate lactic acid in the muscles, which will cause fatigue, muscle soreness, periarthritis, and other conditions. (Acidic constitution is the root of physical disease). Eating vinegar every day can reduce the acidic substances in the body, the body’s physique is transformed into an ideal alkaline constitution, and then the fatigue of the body will disappear.

There are methods of black vinegar weight loss

Drinking black vinegar to lose weight every day, 1-3 times a day, 30cc each time. And if you are not directly eaten, you can add water or honey to dilute it before drinking it (after getting up in the morning, drink a glass of black vinegar on an empty vinegar to discharge stools and lose weight). In Chinese food, if you often add a small amount of black vinegar to the oil when cooking, you can make the oil particles smaller, and the running enzymes contained in the oil will become more frequent, so that the oil cannot be accumulated in the body. Instead, it is quickly consumed as energy, which has a good effect on weight loss.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu, intern editor: Zhang Yingxiu)

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