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Image of oral seic non -cordonic genital warts


Clinically, there is usually no saying of oral seic non -warts, which usually refers to condyloma acuminatum. Oral condyloma acuminatum is generally infectious disease caused by human papilloma virus. It mainly occurs on the tongue lace, both sides of the tongue, throat and neighboring parts.


Image of oral seic non -cordonic genital warts

Most of the patients with sexual active and middle -aged men are mostly related to adults’ unclean sexual life. Infants and young children can be transmitted directly or indirectly with the patient’s lesions, secretions, clothes, etc., and can also be transmitted by the maternal and infants’ vertical infections.


The disease is mainly through drug therapy and physical therapy. Patients can use drugs such as 5-fluoridine, interferon and other drugs for treatment according to the doctor’s instructions, or local physical therapy can be performed by laser, cooling, and electro-burning.

Daily care

Pay attention to low -salt and low -fat diet. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as pepper, ginger, strong tea, strong coffee, etc., irritating foods can cause tissue congestion, leading to local skin and mucous membrane damage, which is not conducive to disease recovery. In addition, avoid sexual life during treatment, so as not to occur in virus infection.

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