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Improper diet can cause asthma

Asthma is a relatively common disease. People have incomplete understanding of it, and it is difficult to make comprehensive prevention and treatment.

In order to find a new way to deal with asthma, Professor Mary Schooling of the School of Public Health of the City University of New York has studied the dietary driving factors of asthma from the perspective of evolutionary biology. The research results were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Asthma is increasingly considered an autoimmune disorders that respond to immunosuppressive agents. Schooling and her team use a well -known concept, that is, the ultimate ability of the human body is limited, so investment in one field may affect another field. A relevant example of this phenomenon is that investment in sexual reproduction is considered to offset and reduce immune function, which actually improves autoimmune conditions. Therefore, the research team is looking for common food items that may promote reproduction. A linoleic acid is an unsaturated fat, which is widely used in vegetable oils and may be related to fertility. Unexpectedly, research found that higher linoleic acid intake is related to lower asthma risk. Schooling said linoleic acid can help prevent asthma, and these knowledge may help researchers determine new asthma intervention measures.

Schooling said in this study: “Innovation with a theory that has been established, it provides a new perspective for the study of diet and asthma.”


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