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Improper medication to destroy a lifetime?With 6 words of cold medicine, children must use it with caution

“Mom, why can’t I hear it?”

Three months ago, because the 5 -year -old Huanhuan always diarrhea, Ms. Wang purchased Glimmycin at the pharmacy with the advice of others. After taking it, Huanhuan took the diarrhea, but slowly Huanhuan Huanhuan Huanhuan The body changed, and the response became slow. When Ms. Wang called Huhuan Huan, she often did not respond. The child’s hearing was getting worse and worse. Ms. Wang hurriedly pulled the child to the hospital for examination.

After examination, the doctor said that Huanhuan had a drug deafness, which caused the culprit of this disease to be the culprit. Deafness gene test found that Huanhuan carried mitochondrial gene mutations. Such people should have disabled amino glycogenic phylanic drugs such as galcinin for life. Huan may not be able to return to normal hearing.

1. Improper medication, deafness in 30,000 children per year

In fact, the Huanhuan in the case is not an example. In my country, the adverse reaction rate caused by improper medication for children is as high as 12.5%, which is twice asceable than adults. Among them, the most prone problem for improper medication is drug deafness. According to it, it is based on According to statistics, about 30,000 children in my country cause deafness due to improper medication. For example, Huang Guanjun, a marathon champion in the National Paragraphic Games, is because he is sick at 1 and a half years old. Among the 21 actors in “Thousand Hands Guanyin” on the Spring Festival Gala in 2005, 18 actors also caused drug deafness because they were improperly used when they were young.

What is even more terrible is that in addition to deafness, improper medication will also be in danger of life. About 7,000 children in my country died due to improper medication. These numbers are all warned that it is imminent to pay attention to the problem of children’s medication.

In fact, there are some medicines that children cannot take them, otherwise they will cause harm to the body. So, what medicines and children cannot take them?

2. These medicines, parents should not give their children to take them

1. Some antibiotics

Antibiotic drugs such as rinseein, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, scalcin, and galcopromycin, do not take children, otherwise it will cause unimaginable consequences, such as Qinglinin that is taken in the case. It has a great poisonous and side effect on children, especially children who have not done deaf gene screening, must be used with caution, because Qinglithromycin will cause damage to children’s listening nerves, and light people will have the danger of hearing decline. In severe cases, there will be an irreversible tinnitus and deafness to listen to nerve atrophy.

2. Partial anti -allergic medicine

The FDA of the United States stipulates that children under 2 years of age should not use anti -allergies containing chlorophenica sensitivity components, and Australia TGA stipulates that 2 -year -old children should disable the benzine. Fen.

3. Some Chinese medicine injections

Newborn and infants are disabled in Danshen injection, ginseng injections, and clearing liquid injection. Disabled double Huanglian injections are disabled under 4 years old. Essence

4. Partial cold medicine

In fact, children contain the cold medicines of ammonia, phenols, cloth, sensitivity, beauty, and hemp, and children should use it with caution. For example, children under 1 year old disable pediatric aminerine amine particles. In addition Do not use pediatrichinol yellow Namin. It should be noted that no matter which age of children, Tello pseudo -anesthetic capsules and special phenol pseudo tablets must be disabled.

5. Partial cough medicine

Children under 2 years of age should disable non -garm cough medicines. At the same time, at the same time, under 18 years of age, cough medicines containing to be treated should be disabled. In addition, children should be cautious with bromide and bromide hydrochloric acid hydrochloric acid hydrochloric acid. New injection, especially infants and young children, and premature newborns should disable Haizhu asthma.

6. Partial relief hot town analgesic drugs

Nigerishi is disabled under 12 years old, under 16 years of age, especially under 3 months, lys ammonia is disabled.

It is worth mentioning that in April of this year, the Drug Administration issued a new notice on children’s medication.

3. The latest notice of the drug supervision bureau: 14 medicines, 2 -year -old children with caution

On April 23, 2021, the State Drug Administration issued the “Announcement on Amending 14 Variety Pharmaceutical Manuals, including aimed at the aimed at oral solution”, and revised the use of compound colds for multiple children. Take the children under the age of the age. The 14 medicines are: aminopolyrine beauty oral solution, pseudolytic pseudolyris chewing tablets, pseudolytine pseudolyris scattered tablets (III), aminopolyrine syrup, pseudolytic pseudo marcasaminaminaminamin chewing chewing Tablet, ammonia coffee Huangmin oral solution, pediatric ammonia coffee Huangmin particles, pediatric compound aminamine tablet tablets, pediatricide pyrinol tablets, pediatric pH yellow Naomin particles, children’s compound aminopolyrin tablets, pediatric aminopolyrophenol The more sensitive solution, the ammonia coffee, the ammonia golden particle particles.

Xie Jingwen, the 6th Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, reminded that most of these medicines named the drug supervision bureau contain these three types of risks to children.

1. Malay acid chloropeneneamin

The most common side effects are drowsiness. Excessive or long -term use can cause symptoms of nervous system.

2, pseudoitine hydrochloride

Although it can reduce nasal congestion, there may be side effects such as headache, excitement, and insomnia after medication.

3. Matinophenophen

Even for children’s antipyretics, long -term excessive use will cause irreversible harm to the liver.

Therefore, when taking medicine for children, you must be careful not to take medicine. However, many parents do not know how to do it to ensure that children are safe for children. 4. How to take medicine safely

For how children should take medicine safely, the Xinhua Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College gave guidance.

1. When buying drugs, buy under the guidance of professionals. Do not blindly listen to the “experience” recommendation of others.

2. Do not add measurement at will when taking medicine. At the same time, the medication should be as simple as possible. Do not mix and take medicines to avoid repeated medication.

3. Symptoms can achieve the effect of medication. Different drugs are different. You must use medicine strictly in accordance with the instructions.

4. Do not take medicine with milk, juice, breast milk, etc. These foods may react with the ingredients in certain drugs, which will affect the efficacy and try to take warm water as much as possible.

The most important thing is that children have physical discomfort. Do not take the medicine by themselves. You must go to the regular hospital for checking and take medicine under the guidance of a professional physician.

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