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Improve the quality of life of the elderly in bed, start with skin care

A series of degenerative changes will occur with the age of the elderly. Many elderly people need to bed for a long time due to the elderly and illness reasons, but we often see some elderly patients who have pressure sores and even severe ulceration due to long -term bed in bed.

In fact, if your family pays more attention to the skin care of the bed elderly, learning professional nursing experience, and timely and effective treatment when there is a problem, you can greatly reduce the additional pain except the original pain and improve their quality of life.

So what should we do for the skin care of the bed of old people?

(1) Clean skin

Use mild cleaner or weakly acidic soap to clean the skin to avoid using alkaline soap. Use warm water once a day, and move gently when scrubbing.

(2) Prevent skin dryness

Choose the right skin care product, apply the direction of the hair when applying it to keep the moisture of the epidermal cells. Drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits as much as possible, both vitamins and internal necessary nutrients.

(3) Prevention of pressure damage

Reduce local pressure and assist the elderly to turn over every 2 hours. Try to reduce the risk of stressful injury. The time for the elderly to take a chair or wheelchair, if you have to sit, you should change your position for the elderly every 15 minutes, while assisting the use of sponge, air cushion or gel pad. Keep the sheets clean, flat and dry.

(4) Selection of the clothing of the elderly in bed

It is best to choose hard objects such as cotton products, no zipper, buttons and other hard objects. The tightness of the clothing should not hinder life and activities.

(5) Care for incontinence

Remove the cause of incontinence in time and effectively collect urination. Use a skin protective film to prevent the skin from being impregnated with urine and manure for a long time.

(6) Develop good habits

Balanced diet, moderate exercise, quitting of smoking, sufficient sleep, and maintaining a happy mood can make the body’s various hormones secrete balance and help skin metabolism.

It is the key to pay attention to the prevention of the elderly in the elderly in bed for a long time. Only by cooperating and cooperating with their family members and their families can they reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers, reduce the pain of the elderly in the elderly, and improve the quality of life of elderly patients.

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