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In 44 years of diabetes, I have suffered from the foot of diabetes many times, so I rely on these 7 strokes.

I have witnessed a lot of diabetic patients because of the repeated amputation of diabetic feet, and also witnessed that a friend caused the legs to become thinner from the thickness caused by diabetes. In the end, only two bones were left. Essence I have also suffered from diabetic feet.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1975, and I found the “door” in 1995:

The lower limbs begin to appear dry, sweatless, skin cracking, numbness of hands and feet, stinging like needle, burning pain, feeling failure, bow -shaped feet, hammer toes, osteoporosis, intermittent clamor, spontaneous skin blisters, and then appear to appear Big toe, small toes are red and swollen, the toenails become black, the toes become black, ulceration, etc.

I realize that this is a manifestation of diabetic foot, and we must take measures and take it seriously. My method is: 1. Do a good job of basic prevention and control

Scientifically control the “five -driving carriage”, control blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids, and prevent arteriosclerosis. 2. Improve blood circulation

I often alternately use compound Dantan tablets, Kawanrazine, Puerase, heparin, context Ning, hemosaitong, lowering fibr enzymes, Kai Shi, aspirin enteric soluble tablets, and millet, etc., dredge the meridian blood vessels, and promote blood circulation. 3. Prevention and treatment of peripheral neuropathy

Diabetic foot occurs on the basis of peripheral neuropathy and lower limb vascular lesions. I often choose medications for neurophayal growth factors, Kang Luo, vitamin C, vitamin E, Kamasiping, sodium benzeta, Lidaaine and other drugs In order to improve neurotic nutrition and conduction speed, remove free radicals, and relieve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy. 4. Prevention infection

I encountered germ infection and treated infected in infection.

After washing the wound for deep sliced ​​infections or heavier infections, insulin or galcinin are bandaged with sterile dressing, and the medicine is changed once every other day.

Wash and wipe with warm water with warm water at the foot, apply Yunnan white ointment or Yunnan Baiyao Creative sticker, change the medicine once every two days, until the swelling and stasis (generally heal 3 to 5 days).

If you traumatally trauma, the effect of coating with propolis or insulin is very effective.

If the feet are burned, apply the dog oil in time to apply swelling and pain.

The feet ulcers use raw muscle paste (turtle plate, gypsum, yellow wax, yellow yellow yellow, etc.) to apply the affected area, promoting blood circulation, swelling and pain, pus, and rotten muscle. 5. Exercise your feet

After waking up every morning in the morning, I exchanged their legs for 36 times on the bed, sitting and massaging my legs for 3-4 minutes, and after getting out of bed, I practiced “Fitness”, including 5 minutes in the ninth quarter. The whole body shakes 400-600 times.

Usually insist on walking, skipping rope, cycling, etc., exercise your feet, and promote blood circulation of the lower limbs. 6. Do your foot hygiene

Every morning and evening, I choose lysite, ground skin, snake bed, saffron, salt, vinegar and other feet. The water temperature is 38-40 ° C, and the feet will be soaked for about 15 minutes each time.

Do not have irritating soap.

Tour to the toenails about half a month.

Wash the dirt between the feet and the toes each time to prevent bacterial infection. 7. Pay attention to foot maintenance

I often wear loose, soft and breathable shoes and socks, walking without barefoot.

Pay attention to the feet to keep warm to prevent frostbite, cracks, and trauma.

Itchy skin does not need to be scratched with fingers, and scratched with 999 dermatitis, Yumei Pochini, or “Ringjang King Ointment”.

Timely processing chicken eye, trauma, etc. Once infected, combined with powerful antibiotic treatment, the germs are eliminated in the bud state.

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I took the above measures very well. Although I had happened to me many times, I was defeated by me, and I did not cause a big disaster.

The key to diabetes is to be treated early and early treatment. These methods are for readers and friends to reference. I hope to help you.

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