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In addition to the inheritance of children’s shorts, there are several reasons

Xiaotong is the smallest in the class, and it is already in the second year. He is still about the same height as the primary school in three or four years ago. It has not yet arrived in one meter and four. Because it is particularly not moving, the figure grows slightly. Among a group of classmates, this slightly bloated figure made her feel more and more inferior, and her academic performance decreased. Later, I took it to the hospital for an examination and found that the reason why Xiaotong had almost grown in the past few years was that the thyroid dysfunction was “strange”. After treatment, Xiaotong finally saw that Xiaotong slowly grew tall. Tong’s height also exceeded one meter and five.

In addition to the inheritance of children’s shorts, there are several reasons

The problem of children’s height is a problem that many parents are very concerned about. Once they find that their children are shorter than other children of the same age, even if they are a little bit, parents will start to worry. So, what makes children shorter than others?

Except for the inheritance factors, there are mainly the following reasons:

The shortness of dwarf in the palace development is small

Some children, when they are still in the mother’s fetus, due to the effects of some unfavorable factors, their growth and development in the palace are restricted. They are lower than normal newborn. If there is no growth after birth, there is no growth in growth. If you catch up, it may eventually lead to short figure. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to the production examination during pregnancy, especially the management of high -risk pregnancy, so that some pregnancy complications and complications can be found early, which is corrected early, thereby reducing the occurrence of delay in the fetal palace. Once the growth and development lags behind normal newborn, they must also catch up under the guidance of a doctor to narrow the gap between as much as possible and normal newborn.

The shortness caused by malnutrition

Among the acquired factors of growth and development, they were greatly affected by nutrition before the age of 3. If the child’s nutrition did not keep up at this period, he would grow relatively lagging. Nutrition and shortness are limited due to lack of nutrients such as protein energy intake in the body. The physical growth of modern society is slowly good, and simple malnutrition is rare, but there are also some parents due to improper feeding methods. Or children have bad habits such as partial eclipse and picky eaters. As a result, some nutrient deficiency in the child’s body can cause children to grow and develop slowly, anorexia, and decreased body resistance. Because of their low resistance, these children are prone to repeated illness, and then affect the absorption of nutrition, which will fall into a vicious circle. If this situation is not corrected in time, over time, physical development will be affected to varying degrees. Therefore, pay attention to children’s balanced diets to ensure that the appropriate amount of energy and various nutrients are consumed every day. In addition, parents are better to take their children to the hospital for health care to monitor their children’s development. For those who do not increase their early weights in the early days, they must actively find the cause and take early intervention to prevent and improve the short body caused by malnutrition. Essence

The shortness of endocrine factors

Children’s growth and development will also be affected by endocrine factors. Among them, adolescents are affected by pituitary growth before, and the common effects of sex hormones and growth hormones will accelerate after puberty. For example, growth hormone can promote the growth and growth of cartilage cells between bone bones and bone bone cymbals. This is the main cause of increased child height. When the pituitary lesions or abnormal delivery are caused by factors such as pituitary lesions or abnormal delivery At this time, it may affect the extension of the long bone and affect the normal growth and development of the child. If this situation can be discovered in time and replenish the growth hormone before the bone is closed, the physical development can still be close to or even reach normal levels. Another example is children with low thyroid dysfunction, and they often take a slow growth in height. Such children are roughly normal in clinical practice. They only lag behind their peers and lack typical clinical manifestations. Thyroid function tests and bone age measurement can help diagnosis. After early detection and obeying the doctor’s instructions to take thyroxin tablets, the height can still increase rapidly, and the chase of growth and development occurs.

The growth and development caused by metabolic abnormalities

Metabolism accompanies a person’s life, and the body maintains normal metabolism through the transformation of many biochemical substances. When genetic mutations and biochemical metabolism occur, if normal metabolic products are lacking and excessive abnormal products, it will cause an important organic function abnormality of the body to abnormal function abnormalities. Including metabolic abnormal diseases such as amino acids, organic acids, sugar, fat, and hormones. When metabolism is abnormal, it can also cause children to grow and develop slowly, and even more serious consequences such as deformities, low intelligence or death, etc., if they can be diagnosed and treated in a timely time, they can reduce or even avoid the dangers of the disease. At present, the screening of metabolic diseases has become more and more concerned about the medical community. Some of the projects that have been included in the newborn must be screened, such as phenyloneuria, congenital thyroid dysfunction, etc. Therefore, after the baby is born, if the parents find that the child has a slow growth and development, a backward or backward movement, etc., they should be vigilant. It is best to go to the hospital to see the genetic metabolic department and find out whether it is caused by genetic metabolic diseases.


Successive sleep and appropriate exercise are also important factor to promote children’s growth. This is because children can secrete a large amount of growth hormones when they are asleep, especially after 10 o’clock in the evening, the peak of secretion of growth hormone can occur. Therefore, it is best to allow children to develop a good habit of sleeping nine:30. Moderate exercise, especially vertical exercise, like jumping and high jumps, can also effectively promote the secretion of growth hormone. Of course, it is best to exercise for more than 10 minutes to receive better results. Of course, the growth and development of children’s physique can not be concluded compared with several children of the same age around them, nor can they draw conclusions based on a single indicator or a measuring indicator. , Growth speed and the levels of body, etc., if it is only a little lower but in the normal range, it can not be too nervous, but if the child’s height is lower than the third percentage of children of the same age ( Or average two standard deviations), or when the growth rate is lower than the normal speed, it is best to go to the short clinic as soon as possible to consult the real reason that hinders its growth as soon as possible to take effective intervention measures to shorten the other children to other children difference. (Guide expert: Correspondent, deputy chief physician of the Child Health Department of Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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