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In autumn, diarrhea is coming to attack Baoma to prevent five things well

Guidance expert: Deng Guihua, director of Zhang Lin, deputy director of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

“Suddenly a while of autumn wind is cool, diarrhea children are lined up”, which vividly describes after the autumn, not only brings autumn wind leaves, but also rotavirus. Moms, are you ready to welcome the baby’s autumn diarrhea?

There are more diarrhea in autumn

In autumn, diarrhea is the most common kind of child diarrhea. It is caused by rotor virus, so it is also called “rotary virus infection”, which occurs mostly in the 6-month-2-year-old baby. Homes, kindergartens and other places are places where rotary viruses are prone to cross infection.

The incubation period of the rotary virus is 24-72 hours. The babies of the middle recruitment will be accompanied by some “cold” symptoms, and even vomit, and then diarrhea will be grand. The stool is several times a day, with thin water or egg patterns. If you can’t judge whether your baby has diarrhea in autumn, it is best to go to the hospital to test the stool to see if you are infected with the rotavirus.

How to break the diarrhea in autumn?

At present, there is no effective special treatment for rotavirus enteritis. The severity of the disease is mainly related to the degree of dehydration caused by vomiting and diarrhea. The treatment of diarrhea focuses on preventing and dehydrating, not rapid diarrhea. The principles of treatment are: adjusting diet, reasonable feeding, preventing and correcting dehydration, and rational medication. Here is a common medicine for the autumn diarrhea for Baoma.

1. Oral replenishment salt is a treasure

Oral salt salt is the first choice for light and moderate dehydration baby. At present, there are two oral replenishment salt shared by adults and infants in China: oral replenishment salt Ⅱ and oral replenishment salt Ⅲ. It is not easy to buy in general pharmacies.

Oral replenishment salt Ⅲ can be given to the child according to the method of instructions in the instructions, that is, a pack of 250 ml of water is tuned directly to the child; and the penetration pressure of oral tonic salt Ⅱ is a bit high. When taking it for children 750 ml of water instead of 500 ml of water on the manual) can be consistent with the latest low -seepage standards for the World Health Organization.

When feeding children oral salt, it is best to follow the principle of a small number of times. It is best to feed once every 2-3 minutes, 10-20 ml each time. In this way, 150-300 ml of liquid can be supplemented every hour, and he can correct his dehydration in about 3-4 hours.

2. Reasonable medication is the key

Mommy Ai: During the diarrhea of ​​the wheeled virus, Mommy Ai can supplement the normal intestinal flora and rebuild the protection function of natural biological barrier in the intestinal tract. However, it should be noted that Mommy’s love is good at the obvious intestinal flora, and it is not a good medicine that stops diarrhea in time. Because Mommy’s love is a live bacterial preparation, the Baoma pays attention to dissolving the medicine in warm water or milk that is not more than 40 ° C. It is better to take it after meals. Babies under 2 years of age, 1-2 times a day, 1 bag each time; babies over 2 years old 1-2 times a day, 1-2 bags each time. It should be noted that Mommy loves to avoid taking it with antibiotics. If you use antibiotics, you need to take Mommy love after 2-4 hours. It is usually stored in a cool and dry place, and it is best to store in the refrigerator.

Smecta: Smecta can protect and repair the intestinal mucosa, as an auxiliary treatment of diarrhea in autumn. Smecta is dissolved in 50ml of warm water. Take it before meals. Babies under 1 year old, 1 bag every day, 3 years old, 1-2 years old, 1-2 bags per day, 3 years old 2-3 bags, divided into 3 times or follow the doctor’s order.

Antibiotics: Only by considering rotavirus enteritis with bacterial infection can we consider using antibiotic treatment. Take antibiotics to follow the doctor’s advice. Remember not to take medicine according to experience.

Anti -diarrhea: Romanoiditis should not be used for antidiarrheal medicine. No evidence indicates that antidiarrheal medicine can effectively alleviate diarrhea and even have no significant improvement. Instead, it has potential and serious adverse reactions.

3. Diet treatment is important

It does not mean that the baby can not eat when he pulls his belly. If breastfeeding will continue to breastfeed, artificial feeding children who are less than 6 months continue to feed the milk milk. Children who are greater than 6 months continue to eat daily foods that have been used to it, but pay attention to pay attention Avoid feeding vegetables and fruits and high -sugar foods containing crude fiber. Due to rotary virus enteritis, there is often secondary bisallase deficiency (mainly lactase), so it can be temporarily given to low (deprivation) lactose formula milk (diarrhea milk powder), or add lactase oral administration, time 1-2 weeks of 1-2 weeks After the diarrhea improves, it turns into the original feeding method.

4. Tailor your baby’s hygiene and say no diarrhea in autumn

Because the rotary virus is highly contagious, the main transmission pathway is “dung-oral transmission”, and it can also be infected through the respiratory tract. Therefore, the primary prevention measures are to prevent “disease from the mouth”: ① stay away from children with the disease; ② Because children often like to eat hands and often play with toys, they are also played with toys, so they are children’s hands and toys’s hands and toys. Should be cleaned frequently; ③ For children’s clothes, they should be washed and changed diligently. , Wash your hands, clean up, and clean up; ⑥ Parents feed children to milk or eat before eating, not only should I wash their hands for children, but they must also effectively wash their hands. Secondly, the main preventive measures are: ① keep the indoor air fresh and circulate; ② In the autumn diarrhea season, try not to bring children to public places with many crowds; ③ If you must go to public places, especially hospitals, You can bring a mask to the child.

5. How to prevent diarrhea in autumn?

Although the diarrhea in autumn is menacing, the vaccination of the inoculation of the wheel virus can play a certain prevention role. Objects to be vaccinated by wheel virus vaccine are children under 5 years old, especially babies who have never been infected with rotary virus under 2 years old. After the successful vaccination can significantly reduce the incidence of cytitis enteritis and reduce the incidence of severe diarrhea, but it cannot completely prevent the occurrence of diarrhea.

There are already multi -price or unit -price rotavirus vaccines in foreign countries, but domestic development uses oral rotavirus vaccines, which is targeted at group A wheel virus with an effective protection rate of more than 70%. Generally, antibodies are generated 2 weeks after taking the vaccine, and the antibody concentration reaches the highest peak at 4 weeks. After the vaccination is successful, the protective period is generally one year. Therefore, it is best to vaccinate the rotary virus vaccine once every August to October each year. (Correspondent: Peng Wenbin)

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