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In autumn, you need to be alert to gynecological diseases that are eager to move

How to describe this season in autumn? Some people say that autumn is the best time to “supplement”, and some people say that autumn is a strangers in the perfect summer. Of course, autumn can be a gentleman who replaced with golden coats, or a proud proud girl, a proud proud girl, restless, induced certain diseases. According to relevant media reports, after entering autumn and winter, the number of patients with gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease is significantly increased compared to before. Female friends must pay attention to it, and you need to be alert to gynecological diseases in autumn.

In the autumn, the pathogens are easy to invade

One obvious feature of autumn is different from summer. The temperature decreases, the weather is unpredictable, and the temperature difference between morning and evening has become one of the main roots of autumn female biological clock disorders, endocrine disorders and bacterial infections. In addition, the human body’s resistance in autumn is relatively decreased. For patients who originally had gynecological diseases, autumn also became a high recurrence season for gynecological diseases.


Take vaginitis as an example. Specifically, under normal circumstances, human body has self -immune function, as well as women’s vagina. Based on its special physiological structure, it can effectively block the invasion of bacteria, but when this defense function is destroyed by damage, this defense function is destroyed by destruction It is like opening a disease to invade the gate, and various pathogenic bacteria easily invade the vagina, causing vaginitis. What’s more serious is that if women have increased leucorrhea in vaginitis and the symptoms of external itching are not recognized early, neglecting treatment, vaginitis may occur with trichomonal urethritis, cystitis, pyelitis, etc. Pregnancy, premature birth, and even fetal malformations.

Autumn gynecological diseases are also related to women’s bad habits

Gynecological diseases have become troublesome to trouble many women, because they have great influence, related to women’s fertility, beauty, psychological and other health, and because of their stubbornness and harsh sex, it has become a topic that makes women talk about. In addition to the special weather in autumn, women’s bad habits in autumn are also one of the reasons.

1. Dress style. With the arrival of autumn, more and more clothes we wear on women have caused the skin surface air to be unable to circulate normally, and various bacteria are easy to grow and reproduce. And those beautiful ladies still do not change their favorite short skirts to dress, resulting in cold lower body, which is easy to form cold, congestion, etc., and then induce related gynecological diseases.

2. Decreased exercise. Although the autumn is high and cool, it is a good time for exercise, but it is also difficult to overcome the obstacles to many people. In addition, the suddenly added clothes make it accustomed to long summer. It also exacerbated the lazy inertia. Exercise can effectively improve the body’s immunity, and also regulate women’s own secretion, and effectively reduce the recurrence rate of gynecological diseases.

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3. Irregular diet. Autumn is a long -sized season, and it is also a season for foodiers. Hot pot barbecue gradually returns and becomes one of the mainstream. Spicy stimulus and irregular eating habits may cause damage to female reproductive organs, disturb endocrine, and induce diseases such as vaginitis and pelvic inflammation.

Therefore, for women, while paying attention to weather changes in autumn, they should adjust their living habits, especially young women who love beauty, must not cause certain disease damage for beauty, especially gynecological diseases, which may seriously affect Women’s physiological function and reproductive health.

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